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BTEC Nationals L3 2010 - ICT

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by tigo, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Does anyone have any exemplar work for this course, Units 1,2, 40, 43 would be ideal[​IMG]
    If not work from the previous BTEC L3 would be good to see too.

    Many Thanks
  2. I would also like exemplar work for any units. The exam board act like I am completely unreasonable to expect exemplar work but I think they are negligent in their provision by not providing it.

    I have had my Unit 30 Graphics unit approved and would be very happy to give out a copy with my marking that was considered acceptable to anyone who wants it.

    Unfortunately I cannot have any confidence in Units 1 and 2 that we have completed because there are several specific questions that I have asked that the exam board has not satisfactorily answered. In unit 1 these relate to the sections involving the PDP. It is very difficult to have confidence in your own marking when all you have to go on for some assessment criteria is 2 vague sentences in the expansion of the criteria in the spec.

    Seriously looks like we have to do everything for ourselves on this course. Would love to hear from someone who sent away a unit 1 or 2 as part of the OSCA accreditation process.

    Does anyone know exactly what we are paying them so much per entry for?
  3. The issue of exemplar work is a thorny one!
    What normally happens when an exam board release exemplar material is that after a short while, all the work being submitted starts to look VERY similar to the exemplar...
    How about forming a network group with other centres delivering L3 BTEC IT and use that as a vehicle for furthering your understanding.
    Don't forget too that the mantra for BTEC is "Best Fit", and that Edexcel are normally fairly good at helping you understand the requirements via the OSCA2 / Sampling Process.
  4. A 'network group' would be the blind leading the blind.
  5. Adios68

    Adios68 New commenter

  6. Johnny_5

    Johnny_5 New commenter

    I agree I am teaching the L2 and L3 Diploma in IT this year. So far I have not found any exemplar work there are some people doing good work and sharing on Google sites (Kudos Adios68) but I have tried now with about 4 emails and 4 calls the the subject advisor and eventually received a email reply where he called me the wrong name and then basically told me to call him (I have tried twice more and left messages to no avail)

    I'm teaching the following L3 units

    Communication and Employability Skills for IT 1
    Computer Systems 2
    Software Design and Development 6
    Digital Graphics 30
    Developing Computer Games 22
    Computer Animation 31
    2D Animation Production 37
    Computer Game Platforms and Technologies 36
    Multimedia Design 43

    The following L2 units:

    Communicating in the IT Industry 1
    Working in the IT Industry 2
    Software Design 18
    Computer Graphics 23
    Developing Computer Games 26
    Animation Techniques 30
    Installing Computer Hardware 7

    As we are a new centre I have created a SoL and LP's for L2 Unit 23 Computer Graphics and L3 Unit 1.
    I have found it irritating to have to keep jumping around the BTEC first spec and cross reference units to find descriptions for the L2 courses surely a dedicated PDF could have been made.

    As stefgoff rightly says judging quality & quantity is difficult and a guided blind guess without a good exemplar of at least a collection of P, M, D pieces of work. It doesn't even have to be from the same unit as long as scenario and backgrounding is provided.

    I'm looking to teach L2 and L3 courses concurrently with L3 students doing an extra day a week, hence my course units overlapping

    If anyone wants to get in touch msg or email me I do think it would be beneficial to form a 'distribution' list of people delivering the course so we can at least ask each other for pointers, perhaps this would work best alongside Adios68's Google page.

    Pls get in touch!



    Wow - question 2 why has all my editing disappeared?

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