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Btec Nationals applied science level 3

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by mrcjcullen, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. mrcjcullen

    mrcjcullen New commenter

    Are there any experience teachers that would recommend any resources for the Btec applied science course,

    So far I’ve looked at the BTEC nationals applied science active book... book 1. There seems to be a book 2 as well but I’m struggling to find a contents page.

    There also seems to be Zig Zag topic tests... are these a useful resource or skipable?

    The more I ask for the more likely I am to get the core resources so don’t worry about budget if you have any recommendations.

    Thanks Chris
  2. CDower

    CDower New commenter

    Hi Chris
    I have found some really useful resources on here. Somebody has a workbook put together for Unit 1 which I have used and formatted to suit my teaching and I am printing a copy for every student for next year.

    We do the Extended Certificate and found that Book 1 was enough for us as it contained units 1-3 and also the optional unit which we picked (Unit 8). For Unit 8 we also purchased the resources which Clairebear1991 has posted on here which we have also found extremely useful.

    My school also purchases a revision guide each year for each year 12 student.

    We have one copy of book 2 but I have never even looked at it!

    I have never used the Zig Zag topic tests and have tended to make my own using a combination of past papers from the course and also some A level questions.

    Hope this helps!


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