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BTEC nationals 2016 spec resources UNIT 2 and UNIT 4

Discussion in 'Science' started by karinkag, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. karinkag

    karinkag New commenter

    Hi any fellow colleagues who might have resources for UNIT 2 and Unit 4 new specs. I was asked to teach both and cannot find any resources. We have assignment briefs and that is about it. Desperate please getting very stressed as do not even know where to start
  2. Emmajepson6

    Emmajepson6 New commenter

    There is a facebook group with a google drive that has lots of resources in it. I've got some help sheets on my 'shop' for free :)
  3. karinkag

    karinkag New commenter

    Thank you what is the fb group name please? I am desperate as no help anywhere

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