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BTEC National Level 3 Unit 1 M2, help please!

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by essexwideboy, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. essexwideboy

    essexwideboy New commenter

    Hi all, going through unit 1 and struggling to see what it has to do with IT.

    The spec says that M2 has to be "significant". What does this mean? Has anybody got any examples of work that passes this criteria or can you point to any online help?

  2. essexwideboy

    essexwideboy New commenter

    just putting this back to the top hoping some kind soul will help me )0:
  3. Hi

    Don't have time to reply right at moment but please send me your email address to deborahjeffrey@hotmail.co.uk and I can send you some stuff ~ hopefully later today. Year 12 have just completed this unit.

    BTW it doesn't have much to do with ICT!
  4. Jai_01

    Jai_01 New commenter

    I need help. My school are introducing btec ict level 3 and I'm really confused with delivering the btec any advice, help and resources would really help. Can anyone help?????
  5. Where are you Jai?
  6. Adios68

    Adios68 New commenter

    By M2 do you mean -"review draft documents to produce final versions" from the Comms & Employability Unit. Pm me and I'll send you what I did for this assignment / part of the unit.
  7. Jai_01

    Jai_01 New commenter

    ???? Can you help.
    So far I have gathered some useful resources online but I need a example of PDP file. Do you where I maybe able to find one.
  8. Hi there, I am just starting to teach this unit, as an NQT, and I was hoping you wouldnt mind possibly sharing these resources you mentioned?

    i would appreciate any help

    many thanks

  9. reddhedd

    reddhedd New commenter

    HI, I know this is an old post but would you mind sending me any resources for the first part of Unit 1 (P1, P2, P3, M1) or a student example work, as I have just delivered this unit for the first time but would like to look at other examples so I know what my students should be producing, if that makes sense!

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