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BTEC National HSOC

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by knickersinatwist, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. Hi
    Just wondering if anyone has taught unit 30 (health psychology) for BTEC National HSOC - I am really struggling to find some of the info as the unit isn't covered in the textbooks - anyone got anything they could share?
  2. Hi

    I am in the process of setting up a new BTEC Health and Social Care level 3 National Diploma course at my school. I will be the only teacher teaching it, hence have little opportunity to ask for guidance. I know this is very cheeky, would you have any resources , assignment briefs that i could use that may help?. I am starting off with Communication and Nutrition. The other units that i will focus on will include: complimentary therapy, Health, safety and security, Caring for children, equality, diversity and rights. My email anh9@hotmail.co.uk.

  3. Hi,
    we deliver the BTEC at level 3 and level 2, be happy to share some resources we have, there seems to be very few people out there!

  4. Hi fife.
    would you have anything for unit 1 L2 H&SC?
    All: I have other L2 resources for the work exp unit i can share. pls send me a msg if you're interested.
  5. i can send you the assignment brief i've done for the new spec? have u got an email i can send it to?
  6. Hi There,

    I was wondering if you could possable share any BTEC National 2010 health and social care resources for Unit 2 - Equality, Diversity and Rights in H&SC.

    Anything would be greatly appriciated. My e-mail is kaylioshea@yahoo.co.uk

    Many Thanks
  7. Hi all,
    Happy to share what I have and would be grateful if all peeps above me on this thread could do the same. Taught BTEC Nat. on old spec and currently teaching new spec. so got sum bits & pieces.
    Email me at mfhealthcare@yahoo.co.uk
  8. Hi,
    I've started teaching Edexcel BTEC National and GCSE this year for the first time and would love to share resources. We are on Unit 2 Equality, Diversity and Rights at the moment. I'll email everything I've got if you don't mind doing the same. My email is jlfawbert@rocketmail.com.
  9. Hi,
    i was wondering if you could help. ive been thrown in at the deep end, we have just introduced btec health and social care level 3 (yes in December!!) for our 6 formers and i am struggling with assignment brief's for the first 4 units (1,2,3 and 4) i have never written an assignment brief before and wondering if you could send me your assignment brief's???
    I really am desperate!
    Hope you can help
  10. Hi there,
    just came about your post in which you offered to send someone else an assignment brief for the new specs?
    I am new to it and just got an email saying that I missed some "windows" and that I need to do this as a matter of urgency. Unsure what to do:-( Would I be able to see yours to get an idea?
    Can offer you Geography or History resources if you need those??

  11. Hi Anh9, I am also in same position that you were some time ago! I have been asked to teach btec level 3 certificate in health and social care for a group of sixth formers at a local school, I usually teteach diploma l2 and 3 at a vocational centre so everything in this qualification is new to me. I have started with unit 1 communication and am really struggling to write the assignment briefs. Woould be really grateful if you have anything you could share with me to help.Many thanks

  12. I teach the level 3 diploma and extended diploma and have assignment briefs for unit 1 (not a good brief though at all, someone else wrote it and I found it really time consuming), 2 (E+D) this brief has worked well and the students have responded positively, 7 (Sociology) and 19 (Applied sociological perspectives). I think i've got a Unit 4 brief knocking around somewhere. I also have schemes of work for unit 2, 7 and 19. If you'd like them just let me know.
  13. Would really appreciate some help on P1 and M1 on BTEC L3 Extended Diploma Unit 1- Effective Communication. I assumed that the role of communication was how verbal and non-verbal communication was used effectively in the workplace for P1 (for example, the correct language to use with a child in a nursery and the importance of this) and taught this accordingly. Then for the Merit I asked the students to assess the importance of communication in general, both between staff and clients and different staff members, which many of them unfortunately failed to do. I have now been told by a fellow lecturer who internally verified the work that the students have to include the latter for the Pass as well as in more detail for the Merit which means that very few of my students will achieve either criterion. Basically it's a mess!! Is there any way I can sort this without my students thinking I am a complete idiot (in my defence, it is my first year teaching the unit) and without them having to do loads more work?

  14. Hello I might be able to help. For P1 have you asked them to basically list the different contexts of communication eg one-to-one and groups. And all the different forms like written and oral etc. In my experience M1 is more focusing on theories like Argyle and Tuckmans. Have you looked at these with your group? I'll dig my notes out in abit to see what I did last year.
  15. <font size="2">Hello Does anyone
    have an assignment brief for unit 6 extended certificate level 2 health and
    social care I am really struggling to put together a new specs brief would
    really appreciate any help </font>

    <font size="2">Cheers</font>

    <font size="3" face="Times New Roman">

  16. I am really struggle with Level 2 unit 2 assignment briefs - do you have any please ...

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