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BTEC National Business Level 3 - Unit 38??

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by djmpne, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone
    I'm due to start delivering this unit next month to year 13 students, the content looks fine (I've taught A level Economics for years) but I can't find any published resources for it. Does anyone have any advice about how to structure the assignment or the level of detail needed for the businesses the students apply the information to?
    I've not taught BTEC since my PGCE 10 years ago! I'm happy to swap any resources for Economics ones I might be able to help with...........
  2. Hi
    I'm new to delivering unit 38 to a group not familiar with economic terms. I've tried to make it engaging by including what's happening in the news and featuring interest programmes to help them familiarise with the terms.I'm interested in the resources colleges delivering this unit. Do you follow the BTEC resources for delivery? Also, I would be interested to share powerpoints on various topics. Please let me know if you could be of help. Regards

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