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BTEC Music Tech Level 3 HELP!

Discussion in 'Music' started by chrisshennan, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. chrisshennan

    chrisshennan New commenter

    Hey everyone

    First post- kind of struggling so bumped into this lovely forum :)

    Long story short, I'm a tutor with no prior teaching experience, just some industry experience (in certain areas).The previous tutor has left the course in an absolute shambles (apparently he didn't complete any work with them for the last few months before he left) Now it's a situation where a lot of the students have to finish the course soon and they haven't even got half the work done.
    Added to this, I'm unsure of a few of the units myself. There's stuff i haven't done for 15 years since college! YIKES!

    The college isn't holding me responsible for any of this which is great BUT id still like to at least help them pass a few units before they get their marching orders. (a lot of the problems were down to the students not attending so its not all the college's fault)

    I'll be teaching the NCFE after next month with a new batch of students so I'm looking forward to a fresh start :)

    However, any help with the BTEC would be fantastic in the meantime :)

    Any music tech tutors about?

    Chris :)

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