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btec music tech - edexcel

Discussion in 'Music' started by i the t, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. i the t

    i the t New commenter

    I would like to start running a ks5 music tech course and reckon this is the
    best qual for my needs.

    however, i've only delivered gcse and a level music so fars and would appreciate any advice
    on how to proceed with choosing the specific course/level.

    there seem to be quite a few different Btec levels and variations and I can't seem to find a definitive guide on which ones are most suitable and for what...

    any quick tips/advice gratefully received.
  2. On my resources there is an assignment pack which contains all the assignments that we use for the Music Tech Level 3 Subsidiary diploma. I do one of these for each stage of the course - subsidiary diploma, diploma and extended diploma (1,2, and 3 A-levels). My advice? Structure/plan it carefully, look for overlaps in the grading criteria and make sure you have the equipment you need in advance!
  3. i the t

    i the t New commenter

    thanks a lot for your replies.
    Jenny, your assignment pack is really detailed and useful (did you create and plan the assignments or are they part of the syllabus?)
    Only problem is it seems to be for music and not music tech!
    do you also teach a music tech BTEC as stated ?
  4. We designed the assignments and course ourselves, obviously around the BTEC requirements, e.g mandatory units etc. I have one for music tech-apologies I thought this was the one I uploaded. If you give me your email address I'll send it over.
  5. i the t

    i the t New commenter

    thanks a lot,
    just PM'd you my email.

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