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BTEC Music OSCA 2.

Discussion in 'Music' started by fretless, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. This does not seem to be so for the new BTEC courses
  2. However it was ever thus - when GCSE first came in teachers were paid (albeit a very small amount) for the work that they marked. Now we seem to mark just about everything except the listening paper with no remuneration at all.
  3. I had to do it (as a 1 person dept!) and thankfully I passed, some of the questions were a bit stupid though. If they asked 3 questions:

    1. Is it a pass
    2. Is it a merit
    3. Is it P M or D

    and you thought it was a pass, but actually a merit, you'd get 2 out of 3 wrong automatically. I know one should know it all and all that stuff but there were some questions where you had to get the answer to another question correct to get that one right...

    this makes no sense...whole day of marking BTEC tomorrow, must get head in gear!
  4. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    How does one access the training materials?
  5. The practice exam materials or the Lead IV training? I had a link emailed to me for the Lead IV presentation training, the practice exam materials are on the OSCA 2,keep following the drop down boxes until the homepage comes up with practice exercises on the left hand side.
  6. Just wasted 4 hours of my weekend trying to access practice papers & lead IV test only to find that the buttons are off the edge of the page on my Apple Mac.!!!!! unbelievable.

    This made a confusing website utterly impenetrable until I went upstairs and used the missus' laptop PC ...
    I am typing this from a darkened room .....stay calm...stay calm.

    Bl**dy amateurs!
  7. Well I am heartily fed up of the darn thing! I can access website from home but not any of the materials so can only input my answers at school where it will let me onto it properly. I now have to find time to sit and do it - I can see the caretaker having to kick me out as there are so many meetings and other stuff after school that I will struggle to find time to do it.
  8. On the training sesison I did a week ago, I asked exactly this question.
    Was told the Lead IV position means that we are the ones responsible for making sure the IV process is actually happening and is robust. So therefore can get a teacher of another subject closely related (drama? dance?) to IV our work as the responsibility of Lead IV is to ensure the IV'ing is present.
    God, I worded that terribly but I think I get me!!
  9. TrueFaith

    TrueFaith Occasional commenter

    That's what I do - I gained the lead IV status in December (one person department), and basically have the PE teacher IV my assignment briefs and assessment decisions.
    When the lead IV kicks in - I don't know if Edexcel know the process yet, we as LIVs will have to have a meeting and ensure all paperwork is done.
    We had our whole school ORD visit last week, and got through with no action points (despite the science teacher being in the room and not really knowing her brass from her oboe - if you get my drift), so all is hunky dory here with regards to BTECdom...
    Well, until the condems get shot of them...
  10. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    How did everyone get on in window 2? Results were emailed on Friday.
  11. I passed (but got a few wrong)
  12. I passed! I STILL disagree with some of the answers given on the SSV commentary though. Bearing in mind that I've been an Edexcel External Verifier/Assessment Associate for years and have been through all of that training plus lots of my work/student's work has been used for exemplar and training purposes, I think they've changed the goalposts.
    Oh well, I'm through so don't need to worry about it for another few years.
    I'm interested to hear how other people got on given that there was quite a lot to wade through.
  13. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    I also passed but I agree with poemeelectronique.
  14. I haven't been involved in BTEC for very long and it took me hours of reading, re-reading and cross checking before I decided on my final answers. I haven't had time to check through all the commentary yet but I was surprised to pass considering I had got quite a few answers wrong. I found some of the questions weren't a clear yes/no and sometimes felt that the choice of answers didn't allow me the one I wanted to make. I added comments for just about all my answers. It is reassuring to hear that people with a lot of experience disagree with some of the answers.
  15. Thankfully I passed too and I too disagree with at least one of the answers I got wrong.
    (EG. I was asked if there was differentiation in a music composition assignment. I answered No as the range of teacher set exemplars of work were in standard music notation (ie dots), no other type of music at all. As at my school most of my pupils read very little music from notation, they compose and learn music in a range of other methods).
    Anyway, I think it is not in Edexcels` interest to fail too many of us as their whole raison d`etre is that they have too save money on External verifiers by increasing our workload.
    And like you I now intend to forget about it until next time.

  16. I failed OSCA 2 - even though I have been an EV and LV for 10 years and been on all the same courses as my collegeue! Don't actually agree with the SV - the answers needed to be yes or no - there was too much room for your own interpretation. Going through the SV process at the moment - but as yet have not been assigned one! I wonder whether Edexcel will keep moving the goalposts or re-think for next year?
  17. We had a Quality Review visit from Edexcel recently - the people at my workplace who didn't pass were reassured that it wasn't exactly a "fail" if you didn't pass OSCA2 because of the sampling process that could get you through.
    I've also been an EV for donkey's years and found many of the questions far too subjective for the testing process. The materials & answers that seemed to be required didn't always tie in with the EV training/old NSS process requirements either. Most bizarre!
    They are almost certain to move the goalposts[​IMG].
    What a happy band of Lead IVs and soon-to-be Lead IVs we are[​IMG]


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