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BTEC Music - assignment briefs!

Discussion in 'Music' started by thin lizzie, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. thin lizzie

    thin lizzie New commenter

    I'm offering the BTEC extended certificate to my y10's in September instead of GCSE. The course seems a lot more suited to my pupils.
    Only thing is, I can't find much help out there about the assignments, the briefs, etc. I got a couple of resources from the TES resources which look good, but only cover 1 or 2 of the units.
    Is there anybody who can point me in the right direction, or even have some ideas of assignment briefs that I could look at.
    I really want to provide the best for my pupils and am willing to share ideas once I get 'up and running'.
    Thanks in anticipation!
  2. HI, I'm an NQT at a Music Specialist college and we teach the BTEC. Which unit numbers are you after? Sharing ideas would be great. There is also a 'BTEC in a box' pack you can get with ready to go resources. I'll find out where we got it from if you like.

    I'm not in school until next week now though. Look forward to hearing from you.
  3. thin lizzie

    thin lizzie New commenter

    Hi James
    Thanks for your reply.
    I was thinking about starting with one of the 2 compulsory units (Working in the Music Industry or Professional Development in the Music Industry). Other units I think the pupils will like are Solo Performing, Ensemble Performing, The Musical World, The Development of Music and The Musical World.
    Do you just offer a very limited choice to your students, do they all study the same units or do they choose whichever they like? If it's a choice, how do you work that logistically? I have so many questions!!
    I've seen BTEC in a Box on the Edexcel website but it seems to be for the old specification - not the one starting in Sept 10. I'm a bit relectant to order it (given that it's quite expensive) without knowing how good it is.
    As I said, once I've established myself and sorted out resources I will be quite willing to share with anyone!
    My e-mail is mrsmusic@yahoo.com if it's easier to reply to me that way.

  4. Hi
    The Btec in the box is for the old spec and to be honest I wouldn't bother buying it. I am running the course at the moment and you are more than welcome to have some of my resources. The changes to the spec aren't huge. Leave a message if i can help and i'll get back to you. cheers.
  5. thin lizzie

    thin lizzie New commenter

    Hi Yarrow,
    This is what I was worried about - with the spec changing. It also seems alot of money for just afew assignments when I'm not sure how good they are.
    I'd be really grateful for your help. My e-mail is mrsmusic72@yahoo.com.
  6. MusicTeacherReading

    MusicTeacherReading New commenter

    Try a book called '50 Music Assignments for the BTEC First Diploma' by Julia Winterson. It's £25 but it'll give you a great layout and some useful ideas for potential assignment ideas for all of the BTEC Units. As the previous post said, the syllabus isn't changing a lot from the new one so you could probably use the assignment briefs and then change the grading criteria to suit the new wording.
    I taught the BTEC for the first time as an NQT and have just moved school where I'm due to implement it to the new Year 10s in September and I'm really looking forward to it. If you put the work into making it interesting the kids will really thank you for it! There is a lot of paperwork however, so don't be fooled! However, once that's done you can sit back and watch your Head love you forever when Music comes back as 100% A*-C year on year!! [​IMG]
    I'm currently writing SoWs for the compulsory units of the Level 2 Extended Certficiate (the two Music Industry ones...let me know if you want to put heads together to come up with some ideas??
  7. Sorry but I would not recommend the 50 assignments book - I inherited a copy of this and it has not been of any real use in writing assignments. The most helpful things have been examples shared by other teachers - I have found some on TES resources and the Teaching Music website. I have a couple of assignments I have written for Understanding Music and I'm due to be visited next week as part of the process of checking and sampling- if you pm me with your email address I will forward you copies of what I have.
  8. Hi
    Would be great if you could send me a couple of assignments. Really interested to see how others are tackling this course. cheers.
  9. thin lizzie

    thin lizzie New commenter

    Hi Fretless,
    I've heard quite mixed reviews about the 50 assignments book. Like you, I've found the most useful help from teachers who actually teach it, including some excellent resources from a reply on here.
    I would be grateful if you could forward some copies of assignments to look at. My e-mail is mrsmusic72@yahoo.com.
  10. thin lizzie

    thin lizzie New commenter

    Hi MusicTeacherReading,
    My e-mail is mrsmusic72@yahoo.com. I'd love to share some ideas. I'm starting to really look forward to starting this course.
    Message for Jamesoecken: Sorry I misspelt my email on my reply to you. If you are still able to help me, my correct e-mail is above.
    Thank you.
  11. I will try and send things this weekend.
  12. thin lizzie

    thin lizzie New commenter

    That would be great. Thanks!
  13. If you're prepared to pay for resources, then Classroom Music magazine has started publishing lesson materials for BTEC (Firsts and Nationals) this year. So far, for BTEC Firsts, we've done materials for Working as a Musical Ensemble and Exploring Musical Composition, with another article on The Freelance World to be published in our next issue (summer term 2, out in May).
    Each article comprises a selection of detailed assignment ideas (with indications of grading criteria attached) and accompanying teaching materials.
    You can read a teaser of each one of these, plus all of our other online lesson materials, at www.rhinegold.co.uk/classroommusic. A subscription will give you 6 issues per year, each one including a magazine (advice and ideas features, and product reviews) and a set of 6 online lesson materials for KS3-5.
    Do contact me via classroom@rhinegold.co.uk if you'd like to know any more.

  14. Hi all
    I too am teaching btec music; I started in September and have found it very up and down! Before xmas my year 10's focused on producing a christmas concert and either solo performance or musical recording ( I ran both units at the same time with pupils picking which unit they would rather complete), which worked in the most part excellently.
    However I found I had given them much too much freedom with creating a portfolio to back up practical work (rehearsal diarys, recording notes etc) so we will be revisiting theser units in Year 11.
    The main problem has been since christmas, all pupils are working on the creating a musical composition unit and I am getting NOTHING from them. They are stamping their feet, refusing to give tasks ago and generally not listening to their work. Bearing in mind I have been teaching them small compositional techniques and getting them to compose from this (as I might have from GCSE) I am getting very frusrated with them!! ADVICE???!!!
    Also I am also very willing to share resources and the assignment breifs I have written myself, and in return would appreciate receiving any in return!
    my email is bej@nortoncollege.net

    BTECers unite!
  15. Hi there. I've shared some stuff on teachingmusic.org.uk. I don't want to put my full name here but feel free to massage me and I'll point you in the right direction.

  16. Haha OOOPS! I meant message me of course!
  17. thin lizzie

    thin lizzie New commenter

    Hi Jenny,
    That would be great. If you could send me the details my e-mail is: mrsmusic72@yahoo.com.
  18. serendippy

    serendippy New commenter

    I am due to start running BTEC First Music at a Young Offenders Unit in September. Similar to previous posts I really need some help finding resources quickly. I could really do with SOWs and assignment briefs etc., or any handy tips on getting up and running smoothly. The young offenders are keen to do music tech based units where they can work within the limitations of there secure environment, so assignments that can be completed easily in the classroom without access to external resources including is a must.
    Thanks in advance fellow BTEC -ERS!
  19. Hi
    Do you still need help? I have the assignments written and I am happy to let you have them.
    You need to write the assignment wih a scenerio- linked to world of work.
    Look forward to hearing from you

  20. John Verity, who wrote the new spec has his own website with resource packs. The cost builds up if you buy lots of units, but even the basic three unit pack would give you some good clear ideas together with recording forms etc. Worth a look as it was written by the person who should know best.


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