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Btec Moderation

Discussion in 'Music' started by anon3279, May 9, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    There is a different system in place now. It used to be the case the samples were sent off, or the External Verifier came to the centre. The system now is that your school (?) needs to nominate a Lead Verifier (subject specialist) who will then undertake training (online) and take an assessment in order to gain accreditation.


    The above link might start to explain a bit more and there will be links on the page to help you explore.
    Your school exams department should, and must, know about this if you are going to run BTEC courses.
    Hope that's some help[​IMG]
  2. I also have an assignment booklet for the Level 2 course which I can email over if you want. I don't have a Lead Verifier for one of the departments I run (it would need to be me which makes no sense since I am the IV) so I still have to send off a sample as per previous yrs for NSS which I did last month.
  3. As I understand it, <u>someone</u> will need to become Lead IV for that department sooner or later because the NSS-like system won't have the staff to support it indefinitely. It might be necessary for another IV to be found in order for you to do this.
  4. Yes you're right in saying that it will have to happen sooner or later, i'm sure they'll start to put more pressure on next year. My EV has also been really slow this year, normally they get back to you pretty quick but i've had to keep chasing. I suppose it depends on the level of moderation they want really, the other problem is that as it's not a paid role in most colleges people are reluctant to take it on for free, particularly when the consequence for getting the IV job wrong could be that the course is blocked. It also then means that you need one specialist to write the briefs, one to IV and then one to lead IV. I think Edexcel will need to make a clear decision about whether they want it done properly to ensure quality or if they are going to ship it out to what could be less secure hands to save pennies........
  5. I am introducing BTEC Music from September and attended a 'relatively' useful course in London last week.
    The advice we were given about moderation was that you will be expected to provide 4 learners work from one unit of your choice; ideally this should cover a range of abilities.
    All of the paperwork needs to be provided including ALL of the chosen unit's assessment briefs, IV documentation, Wrok booklets, assessment materials etc. This will be called for some time between February and May - the advice being get one unit done before February half term, collate the four learner's work etc and have it ready to stick in an envelope.
    Remember YOU choose the unit, YOU choose the learners.

    After moderation if your marking is seen to be out of line a full comment will be provided by your moderator giving you information on the accurate level and feedback required. You then remark in line with what you were told and then return it to your moderator. Hey presto! Complete moderation and almost guaranteed accuracy.

    Hope this helps.

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