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BTEC Marking - HELP!!

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by katie1911, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. katie1911

    katie1911 New commenter

    Been on a course today and when i presented the course leader with a question, which he answered, it opened a massive can of worms...

    Here's the question;

    I have a student for btec drama, unit is devising plays, unit says learners have to do two plays. for the first play she got distinction for all 5 criteria. For the second, she got three passes and 2 "not met criteria". So i asked him if she now gets a fail for the whole unit or what happens next...

    He said - because she's already got the distinctions, you cant take that away from her so they stand and she gets a distinction for the unit, to which we then asked well whats the point in doing the other play then? And if we dont need to do it, why does it say we have to on the unit sheet?
    i, along with others on the course, are now confused as if we do not need to do two performances, why does it say so on the unit?!
    ANY HELP/ANSWERS/ADVICE would be good!!!! thank you!!!

    PS, I am not doubting the course leader as he knows more than me, but other's in the room have said they have been teaching this wrong for the past 5 years then if this is the case so i want to find out!!

  2. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    This is confusing.
    For the whole Unit, are there 5 criteria?
    If so, they can't have ten marks (5D / 3P / 2NM).
    You can't mark them twice for the same criteria.
    I don't have the spec with me, but let's say that one of the criteria is,
    through devising two plays, the student can develop a character or characters.
    What you have done is take the criteria as:
    though devising a play, the student can develop a character or characters.
    You have marked that, then started all over again and assessed the second devised play on the same criterion, whereasyou should not have split them in the first place - the two devised pieces should have been treated as a totality to start with.
    Does that make sense?

  3. There are two things you need to consider to get the answer to this question. 1) Does the unit itself insist that you do 2 plays? On the content section of BTEC it tells you what you need to deliver across the teaching of that unit, if it says e.g. this is suggestions about material/topics, if it doesn't say e.g. then you need to specifically address what it is pointing out to you. 2) BTEC says that you should give all students 2 opportunities on every grading criteria, how you deal with this is down to you as a centre/team/department. The way that I do this with my teams is in a variety of ways, it may mean picking up GC from a unit in a different class/assignment. E.g. you might assess them on solo singing GC through the work you are producing for Musical Theatre Performance if the material you are preparing would offer an opportunity. Therefore instead of re-visiting that GC in your singing class it is covered elsewhere. You can also use re-submission. When our students submit an assignment they have been given the opportunity at the GC it covers, from the day that the student is given their work back and their feedback sheet they have 2 weeks to re-submit the work, using the feedback given to make improvements. This covers the second opportunity and saves you re-visiting every GC twice, which in some instances would be entirely exhausting.
  4. I've just pulled up the spec for that unit. There is nothing that says they have to perform 2 plays, what the course leader is referring to is the fact that they should be given 2 opportunities at all GC, and they are right in saying this. However to teach a BTEC course and repeat the teaching and assessment on everything - e.g. doing 2 plays in this instance - is not only silly for you with regard to workload but also heavy for the students and can be dull and repetitive for them. You could use a resubmission for it, offer a milestone assessment (e.g. internal performance in front of peers, videoed), give them their feedback and two weeks/ a month to make improvements from yours and their evaluation of the first performance. They could work towards an external performance for their second attempt, in front of parents in the evening.
  5. And remember that the advantage for the students with the marking system is that the highest mark they gain on their attempts at GC is the one that over rules the lower, e.g. if an assignment only covered one criteria and they got a pass on their first attempt but improved this to a distinction on their second then it would be the distinction that stood. However, the disadvantage is that the lowest grade they have for the unit OVERALL is the one that goes through as the final grade. E.g. if the unit has 3 GC and their grades at the end are GC1 - Distinction, GC2 - Distinction, GC3 - Pass. Their final grade for the unit would be a pass.
  6. katie1911

    katie1911 New commenter

    At the moment i am referrring to the old spec for level 2...

    on this unit, under unit content, it says, <font size="3">(Learners should create TWO pieces of devised drama each piece being at least 10 minutes long)
    so this is where my confusion is!?!?!!?!?

    and actually all the other units also say similar - the development of drama on new spec, learners must produce two pieces of drama each lasting 10 minutes...
  7. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    As I said above, the GC is for producing two plays.
    You should not award marks until they have produced the two pieces.
    You have marked them for one play, and then for the second, whereas the mark should have been for the totality of the work.
    Therefore your course runner is correct if he says that you can't take away the marks you have (wrongly) awarded -i.e. the first lot - as there should only have been one set of marks in the first place.

  8. katie1911

    katie1911 New commenter

    really? so even though it says they should produce two pieces of drama, they dont get marked until the two pieces have been done?

    so there should only be one set of marks for the whole unit?

    can you tell me why my school is doing it this way? is it just wrong or has something changed etc?
    i am an nqt so have done what everyone else is doing! :)
  9. Apologies, I was looking at the Level 3 spec. The content list quite clearly states that they need to perform two plays and as another poster has said that means that you should not have awarded grades for the GC when they had effectively only done half of it. Admittedly the unit GC is a little more confusing than most where they would state 'plays' or 'pieces' plural to make this clearer. However, if you put this through to edexcel via a lead IV or and NSS (still happening where there is no lead IV) then this would fail and your course would be blocked. You should only be marking the GC once both plays are done, this should have been picked up by your IV when they looked at the assignment and the feedback for the first play. The marks shouldn't have been awarded, you should look at the students performance over the both pieces to give a grade.
  10. I also feel that the course leader may be saying that you can't take the marks away as this would mean admitting to the student that this has been incorrectly assessed and not picked up by your IV - who i'm assuming is the course leader. The reason for an IV is to check all assignments, assessment and grades given and your system has fallen through in this instance. The marks are false and unfortunately that is the fault of your centre. If you don't amend them then you are falsely awarding grades. Personally if I was in this position with a member of my team I would rather admit the fault and put through legitimate grades then put through false ones for the sake of covering my backside!
  11. katie1911

    katie1911 New commenter

    ok, this makes sense. Its actually me and another teacher teaching this one class so we have all been "doing it "differently"...
    so i shouldnt give any students any marks over the year? cos where we share the class, ive been doing scripted and she's been doing devised, one at chirstmas time and one just gone???
  12. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    That completely depends on how you have structured the assessments.
    What you should not have done was give students marks for the part of the Unit you were teaching while a colleague was teaching them another part of the same unit - you need(ed) to get together when all work was completed and agree one set of marks.
    The fact that you have split the teaching may also explain the discrepancies in pupil performance between the two assessments.
    What's your IV been doing?
  13. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    Hang on, ignore my previous post. If you are doing Devised and the other teacher is doing scripted then you must be doing two different units.
  14. katie1911

    katie1911 New commenter

    we've taught separate units and marked together so its not that one of us is generous, the students just did not fulfil the criteria.

    so now we're at this point, the ones who have failed or got low marks on this one, do they get OVERALL the highest mark theyve got for the unit, the lowest mark theyve got for the unit or do we sort of average them out so D last time, P this time, so they get a merit?

  15. The overall mark they get is the lowest they have for the GC over all of them. If there are 5 GC for this unit and their final marks running from GC1-5 are D,M,P,D,D then their overall grade is a Pass for the unit. If they've failed the second assessment then you have a problem as they haven't passed the unit. There is no averaging out done in BTEC at all. They have achieved either a pass, merit or distinction for each GC.
  16. You should not be using the grades you gave out for the performance of one play, these grades are not valid as the unit clearly states they had to do 2 plays. You need to give them a single grade for their performance in both plays as one assessment. If you for example, has a student that did not turn up for the second play then they have failed the unit. To simplify, if a grading criteria for a pass was 'write 1000 on the history of musical theatre' and they handed in 500 words they have only done half of what was required. Even if those 500 words were brilliant and distinction level it still doesn't mean you could award a grade as they have not met the basic BTEC requirement. The fact that your IV/course leader is not picking up on this is a concern. Your lead IV could easily bock your course for this sort of thing and then you cannot claim qualifications for anyone in that subject area. Sorry to sound glum but your quality process needs a bit of a revamp I think!
  17. katie1911

    katie1911 New commenter

    so they have to get a distinction in both plays to get a distinction overall for the unit?
    if they got the following:
    play one
    play two
    PPPFF (fail/criteria not met)
    then overall, for devising plays, they have not passed all the criteria - therefore they need to resubmit something in order to get their grade to a pass....??

    so when the course leader says that once they have a distinction you cant take this away from them, he meant in the FINAL instance, if they had done two plays at this point? But because they hadnt done TWO plays when they got the distinction, it should really count for anything


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