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BTEC Level 3 unit 6 heeeellllpppppp

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by badoo1982, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Ahh help really need some help and advice . I am delivering unit 6 sports development for the first time I am delivering assignment 3
    Describe the strucrure and roles of three sports development providers in the UK.
    Now I thought I had it under control but I have re read it and now I have confused myself , I orginally thought it was the structure of the development team ie what roles are at the top and working down the structure and then what each person was responible for ie what a sports development officer does and what performance manager does etc.
    BUT on reading it again does it mean the role of the provider as a whole ?I then read something in the book about enabling providers, facilating providers , operational providers arrgggh I have confused myself and the lesson is tomorrow.
    Can anyone help or does anyone have a sample assignment !
  2. Read the spec, it is clear as day what needs to be covered and could not be any clearer

    Providers are stated as Sport England, Sports Coach Uk and youth sport trust in the spec so you need to cover them!!!!! or utilise local/regional boards such as NGB or local authorities.

    Structure - states that committees, working groups, consultation groups or forums should be covered.

    Role - enabling, faciltating, joint working, direct delivery, using examples such sports development officers job roles (get them to come in and give a talk)

    Edexcel cannot give any more guidance as to what is expected to be covered in assessment, without writing the assessments for teachers.

    Do you not have a mentor or head of dept that could show you how to do the job properly?

  3. PM me and I can get you a sample of an assignment we use for unit 6

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