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BTEC Level 3 Creative Digital Media

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by SimonNorth, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. SimonNorth

    SimonNorth New commenter

    I am Computing/ICT teacher at a school in London and have previously taught GCE Applied ICT which we will no longer offer next academic year. We will be offering BTEC Level 3 Creative Digital Media. I would like to make a request for a school/college visit, if you would be able to accommodate this request for me to come to visit, either part or all of the day with the focus on delivering BTEC Level 3 Creative Digital Media for the first time please contact me at

    Simon North


    Alternatively if anyone knows schools or colleges in London that is offering this curriculum then I could contact them directly. I have carried out a search on Google and only found 2 centres in London.

    Any help will be much appreciated

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