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Btec Level 3 Applied Science

Discussion in 'Science' started by Lucyloos, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. pacarr

    pacarr New commenter

    Hi in addition to above does anyone have Unit 7 "Maths Calculations For Science"
  2. CookiMnstr

    CookiMnstr New commenter

    Can you send me your email address and I will see what I can find for you
  3. CookiMnstr

    CookiMnstr New commenter

    Can you send me your email address and I will see what I can find
  4. dalton

    dalton New commenter

    Hello CookiMnstr, please could you help with units 22 and 13. I am struggling with the lesson prep etc.

  5. dalton

    dalton New commenter

    sorry pressed wrong button!!!
  6. CookiMnstr

    CookiMnstr New commenter

    Hi Can you send me your email address?
  7. babsyge

    babsyge New commenter

    Hi CookiMnstr

    I have been asked to teach the BTEC Applied Science Diploma Unit 26. I am new to teaching BTEC and doing those assignment briefs.
    Looking through some posts I found your comment and that you might be able to help me finding assignments briefs for Unit 26: industrial chemical reactions.
    If you would be able to help me my email is bgehrhus@centralsussex.ac.uk

  8. CookiMnstr

    CookiMnstr New commenter


    Sorry unit 26 is one of the few units that I do not have resources for.
  9. dalton

    dalton New commenter

  10. e.skirving

    e.skirving New commenter

    Please can you help me with unit 43:( can't find anything on the web?
  11. CookiMnstr

    CookiMnstr New commenter

    Sure send me your email address
  12. jobale

    jobale New commenter

    Hi all, I've found myself picking up some medical units suddenly next week !! I wondered if anyone has any briefs or resources for units 29, 21 & 43 I could look at. I have many resources for the forensic course & mandatory units if anyone wants them :)

    Thanks in advance,

  13. pacarr

    pacarr New commenter

    Hi Jo,
    I have briefs for unit 43, reply to:
    and I will send them to you.
    jobale likes this.
  14. jobale

    jobale New commenter

    That's fantastic Peter - thank you. I'll email you from my college email in a short while. Thanks again.
  15. jobale

    jobale New commenter

    Anyone with anything for unit 29? This is now the one I'm struggling the most with :(

    Thanks in advance :)

    Jo x
  16. damianmchale1984

    damianmchale1984 New commenter


    I am currently teaching BTEC applied science Level 3.

    I'm being asked to produce SOWs for the old spec (last year running). This is a massive amount of work for me!

    Does anyone have SOW for the following units? 1,2,3,4,5,22

    Thanks in advance
  17. pacarr

    pacarr New commenter

    Hi I can help with units 1,2,3,4, 5 but not 22.
  18. sci84

    sci84 New commenter

    Hi all, wondering if anyone can help with Unit 23: Science For Environmental Technicians - just struggling a bit with the depth needed.
  19. dalton

    dalton New commenter

    Hi CookiMnstr could i have your email please. thank you
  20. CookiMnstr

    CookiMnstr New commenter

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