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Btec Level 3 Applied Science

Discussion in 'Science' started by Lucyloos, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Hello, i have 20 and 41 but in desperate need for 41 and about two weeks ago! can anyone help. arrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. Hi,

    Having not taught it before, I need to teach unit 19 after Easter. I have assignment briefs, but absolutely no resources. Anyone got anything??


  3. where would i be able to access the assignments i need help
  4. any help for unit 34 and unit 32 would be appreciated
  5. CookiMnstr

    CookiMnstr New commenter

    34 and 32 assignments are on my resources
  6. CookiMnstr

    CookiMnstr New commenter

    Hi Hattie

    Check out my resources I have just uploaded assignments for unit 19.

  7. CookiMnstr

    CookiMnstr New commenter

    Hi pamelachabba

    Sorry no resources to share for 20 or 41 yet, as soon as they are ready I will let you know.

  8. its not letting me access your resources would you be able to email them to me : dyamond_10@hotmail.com
  9. do you have unit 19?
  10. CookiMnstr

    CookiMnstr New commenter

    Hi Hattie

    The chromatographs that you are looking for are in the assignment briefs.

  11. Hi Scorpius, are you still out there and offering to share your stuff on Unit 44 Astronomy? It could be dumped on me for September. Looks good but I don't know where to start.

    Can you help?

  12. Hello! I'm so sorry for jumping onto such an old thread, but if you were still willing to share Unit 17 (and Unit 41 if by any miracle you may have since looked at those?) I would forever be in your debt! We are moving to do the extended diploma for the first time and have historically only done the diploma, so have to resource several new units!! If you are still in a position to share them, then I will pass on my email address. Thanks in anticipation!!
  13. CookiMnstr

    CookiMnstr New commenter

    Hi Snasam

    Send me your email and I can send you what I have.

  14. Thank you so much Harry. Just tried to message you but couldn't get your name to come up. My email is Abigail.Snasdell@staffpriory.co.uk

    Anything on Unit 17 and 41 would be utterly amazing!!!!!

    Thank you

  15. Hi everyone,

    I am an NQT and have been told to teach Year 13 BTEC (level 3?) I am new to this and have no idea where to start. I am a physicist and I am supposed to teach unit 44 (astronomy). Any tips and/or resources would be very much appreciated. My school does not have ANYTHING. For a start - I am not very sure how this is supposed to taught? It seems that students have to do loads of own research, so what am I supposed to teach?

    Grateful for any help!!


  16. Hi I am a new teacher and would love some help !

    I am teaching unit 4,2 19 and 22 ( unit 19 and 4 are more desperate)

    If anyone has any SOW or resources I can help in return with a SOW for unit 15 and some resources. I also have lots of Human Biology.

    my email is charlotte2608.cr@gmail.com
  17. CookiMnstr

    CookiMnstr New commenter

    Hi Charlotte

    I have just emailed you something for each of these units.

    Pilchard1408 and pacarr like this.
  18. Deb1984

    Deb1984 New commenter

    I folks,

    I have been given Unit 29 physiological investigations, have received an assignment brief but absolutely nothing else. Would anyone have anything to assist a poor chemist? I have resources and assignments for Unit 13 Biochem available for an exchange if required.

  19. toshraza

    toshraza New commenter


    I'm teaching BTEC level 3 applied science and was wondering if you had assignment briefs for any of the following units: 25, 26 and 8, I do have other IV'd briefs that I can share

  20. pacarr

    pacarr New commenter

    Hi Toshraza,

    I have the assignment briefs for Unit 8 "Using Statistics in Science" email: pa.carr@mbro.ac.uk.
    If anyone has Unit 6 "Maths Tools For Science" I would be very grateful. I can also share a fair few other units as well.

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