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Btec Level 3 Applied Science

Discussion in 'Science' started by Lucyloos, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Carlsberg

    Carlsberg New commenter

    Hi Don

    Have sent you a P1.M1 and D1 assignment. Let me know what you think- it's definitley fit for purpose and others will follow if you want.


  2. Hi,

    I started teaching BTEC applied science and chemistry this year and I am desperately looking for assignements for unit 27 about chemical periodicity and its applications. I have a few resources to exchange if someone could help...

    My email adress is jess.jb.31@gmail.com


  3. Evening all,

    Very last minute but I was told yesterday that my BTEC Level 3 groups work for Unit 1 has to be sent off by 9am Friday morning for moderation. 4 out of 13 students, many of whom have not yet passed because they haven't actually handed their assignments in.

    I have used a tracking sheet to log if they are passing, working towards or not attempting each criteria for the unit. I also have a word document that I fill in for each student to give them specific feedback on each of the tasks. Finally I also have a front sheet that says if they have met each criteria etc and if they are at P, M or D for each assignment.

    As an NQT and someone who has never taught a BTEC before this year, I have no idea if it is necessary to annotate each of the students work that I have to send off or not. The criteria seem to require that a task or several tasks fulfil each criteria, so there is no one phrase or part of a piece of work that gets them the mark...it's the whole thing.

    Slightly panicking and totally lost. Help please!

    In addition I am half way through writing the assignment briefs for Unit 15 - Practical Microbiology - if anyone would like a copy when I'm done. These are following the same format as those supplied by 'dwyernathaniel' for other units that I have used in teaching Unit 1 and Unit 4.
  4. I was in a similar situation last year and failed both first and second sampling.

    You need evidence that the assignments have been verified. This needs to be done by some one OSCA trained. The work has to very accurately meet the success criteria in the assignment. Work needs to be marked and annotated in detail. The marked work needs to have ben verified by a colleague. This needs to be evidenced

    As for giving you 2 days to prepare the sample that isn't what the edexcel documents say. They suggest a week turnaround to have all of the paperwork and kids marks sent followed by 4 weeks to prepare the sample.

    First sampling activities should have been done by the end of April so that second samples can be with them for 31st May. In fact their documentation would suggest second sample should be with moderators by 21st May as the SV has 10 days to turn the sample around for the 31st deadline.

    If students have failed be honest. They can still revisit at a later date. The SV needs to agree with all assessment decisions. Ours disagreed with 4 out of 60+ and failed us.
  5. Hi, I have just been asked to teach this unit but I have no idea where to start. Would you mind sharing any resources/ briefs you managed to get hold of please?

    my email is rebeccagreenstreet@kingethelbert.kent.sch.uk

    Thank you, you will be a life saver! :)
  6. sorry should have confirmed i am referring to unit 41!
  7. We have been using the official assignment briefs editing only the scenario to suit our students after a disastrous attempt at getting our own briefs verified. Following the meeting with edexcel I would recommend anyone teaching Btec to use the new revised briefs released in March as much of the "new qualification framework" from last year is now out of date.

    EDIT: Also be aware that due to the DFE new ruling BTEC applied science will not count in the schools performance ratings from 2017 meaning current year 9 students studying BTEC applied science in year 10 and 11 will not count.
  8. Hi all,

    Sorry to post to an old thread but If anyone is still around on this thread that could possibly send me any resources for BTEC Level 3 Applied Sciences Unit 17, Electrical Circuits and their applications I would be most grateful.

    I am really struggling getting going on a scheme of work and assignments for this unit. I really want to make it as practical as I can for my students and so I need to think about buying components etc. now.

  9. sconroy, this discussion is about Level 3, which remains on QCF, not Level 2 which is changing to NQF. I'm not aware of any official assignment briefs for Level 3.
  10. Hi,

    I am desperately trying to find resources and briefs for Unit 29 Physiological Investigations. I can swap Units 6,8, 18, 22, or 43?
  11. Hi I am teaching unit 12 and in need of resources I would really appreciate

    It if you could help me out with unit 12 resources.
  12. Hi

    Does anyone have resources for Unit 17, 13, 27 and 28

    The school I started at has nothing and Im not sure where to start

    Im willing to swap for other units if needed

  13. pink_reindeer

    pink_reindeer Occasional commenter


    For Unit 1, assignment 2, where do you recommend students find information to complete

    M2 explain how the relative

    presence of different cell

    components influences the

    function of tissues


    D2 compare different tissues with similar functions in terms of their structure and functions


    I can't really find the required information at their level?!
  14. pink_reindeer

    pink_reindeer Occasional commenter

    I've now reached a point that I don't even understand what they need to do anyway. I don't really understand the success criteria myself....I've got no chance of explaining it to them!
  15. leemurphy1

    leemurphy1 New commenter

    Does anybody have Unit 9 (Informatics) assignments???
  16. CookiMnstr

    CookiMnstr New commenter


    Not sure if they are visible to others yet but I am in the process of uploading assignments for all units that I have taught for BTEC Level 3 Applied Science.

  17. mariaserrano

    mariaserrano New commenter


    I would love if you can share Unit 17. I have other units if you need them

  18. CookiMnstr

    CookiMnstr New commenter

    Can you send me your email address and I link you to my teaching resources for unit 17
  19. CookiMnstr

    CookiMnstr New commenter

    I will get these through the IV process asap, and see my below post

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