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BTEC Level 2 Hospitality

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by islandangel, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Help please guys
    I am rolling this out to start in September. I have been running Jamie Oliver (Home Cooking Skills) within my GCSE group with those that either cannot cope with the GCSE or have been dissapplied from other subjects as they need somewhere for them to be!. Generally they have been excellent and have sped through it demonstrating their skills, but I need something meaty to keep them going through Year 11 and think the certificate level of this would be within their reach and keep their interest for the year (and equivalent to a GCSE grade C at pass level).
    Reading through the details, I was getting excited (I know - sad but true) and am thinking I could do the extended certificate with the new GCSE groups starting in September. Equivalent to two GCSE's, no exam, full assignement based.
    I teach on level three BTEC's so I am under no illusion that it is easier (as I mentioned, we are aiming at pass level unless the students fly through it and then we can attempt the merits and we will see what happens), but would like any advice or sticking points that this course has thrown up elsewhere. No point reinventing the wheel.
    Any info at all helpful, including if you have asked to run it and had it turned down by SMT.
    Thank you
    IA x
  2. That would be excellent thank you. My address is grimesh@beaulieu.jersey.sch.uk.
    Its strange I could not find an equivalency to GCSE on the web site either, so I called up the BTEC department and they told me the certificate at pass level is equivalent to a C at GCSE, at merit is equivalent to a B at GCSE and the distinction is equivalent to an A at GCSE. The extended certificate is equivalent to two C grades at GCSE, merit equivalent to two B grades at GCSE, distinction equivalent to two A grades and distinction star equivalent to two A* grades at GCSE. I went to our headmaster who agreed that the students we are aiming this at could achieve here so I am happy to run it too.

    IA x
  3. Thankyou
    I have now revisited the site after being told that they were unlikely to appeal.
    Copied from site:

    • BTEC Level 2 First
      Certificate in Children’s Care, Learning and Development (NQF) (180glh)

    • BTEC Level 2 First
      Diploma in Hospitality (QCF) (360glh)
    This is good news, maybe we need to change direction again and stick with BTEC!
    Following their omission
    from the January 2012 list, we lodged an appeal for the status of these
    qualifications to be reconsidered in respect of their recognition in headline
    measures from 2014. We're pleased to confirm that our appeals have been
    successful and the following qualifications are now on the revised list (pending
    the development of a successor qualification which is in progress).

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