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BTEC L3 National Foundation Dip Health & Social Care - Unit 6

Discussion in 'Vocational' started by edouvli, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. edouvli

    edouvli New commenter

    I work as a CM for Health and Social Care at an FE College and for 16/17 we started teaching the new BTEC L3 National Foundation Diploma. Although it was an optional unit for the Foundation, we decided to deliver the placement unit 6, as we are a careers college that prepares learners for work in the sector. We found challenges, including learners not securing a placement till late into the course, teacher placement visits and learners completing the log book.
    I just wanted to find out if anyone else has delivered the new L3 this year, with unit 6 and how you managed the work experience side of things.
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Mattz1993

    Mattz1993 New commenter


    Hope you're well. Our learners break up at the end of June and so while we still have a number of staff in during July and August we organise 'Work Preparation Days'. New learners are required to attend and they organise their DBS checks, complete work placement paperwork and select possible work placements.

    We then have a Employability and Work Experience Coordinator who visits the placements, takes insurance insurance and conducts a health and safety check. The learners are then able to head straight into placement within the first 2 or 3 weeks of the year.

    In terms of their log of practice, they are require to bring this every week and it is then logged on our systems. When they don't bring it in for three weeks we call home and the work placements to ask them to reinforce our expectations.

    Hope this helps!

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