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BTEC L2 Unit 22 Human Behaviour - NQT struggling

Discussion in 'Science' started by electro-web, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. electro-web

    electro-web New commenter

    Hi, I'm a Physics NQT who already hates his job but is now teaching a bloody psychology unit with zero knowledge of the subject and zero resources to teach with.

    Does anyone have anything they can pass over to me to use? I have literally nothing.

    It's Unit 22 of the BTEC Applied Sciences course. I have seven year 12 kids who are only aiming for pass, with a merit or two if they can be bothered. They're not very interactive and not very lively in class so it's hard to get them all involved in some sort of activity.
  2. uoo

    uoo New commenter

    If you really don't like the unit, you could always do another one that you'd find much easier to teach. It would mean you'd have to write assignments but if you pick units that don't require many grading criteria you should be okay. You will need to follow the format your centre is using. You could even cover two short units worth 5 credits each instead of one larger unit worth 10 credits. Speak to your school btec co-ordinator.

  3. electro-web

    electro-web New commenter

    The school BTEC coordinator has given me this one...

    (assignments aren't an issue - we're using the Edexcel ones)
  4. uoo

    uoo New commenter

    Are you the only one teaching this unit? If others teaching it why have you not shared resources? If you are the only one teaching it then change it, especially as you don't need to produce assignments.
  5. Roboteer

    Roboteer New commenter

    I can see why you are not happy. It is not easy getting your head around topics that are new to you and I'm not sure I feel it's very fair to an NQT to ask them to do so outside of their specialism.
    However, my experience is that the reality of teaching these days is you have to get on with teaching whatever you are told to if you like the concept of keeping your job.
    I teach a L3 unit which takes on some of the same ideas from this unit and got some good support from the psyhology teachers on TES. Is there a psychology dept in your school/college? If so, see if you can borrow a GCSE or AS book, even if just to photocopy. If you have anyone teaching HSC they may well have useful info in their textbooks too as I cover some of the psychology in the units I teach.
    Looking through the spec for this unit there is actually a huge amount of support outlining exactly what they need to cover and how to teach it. This is unusually detailed for a BTEC unit so I would print it out, get a highlighter and then start googling each of the topics/case studies suggested.
    There is an online resource for psychology called psychlotron which I have used. Will dig out links to the threads I have used and copy them over for you in a minute.
    Here they are: http://community.tes.co.uk/forums/t/418097.aspx?PageIndex=1#5706954
    Not all the exact links will be relevant but it gives you a starting point to go looking for resources.

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