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BTEC L2 Award Mathematical Applications - Where to do it?!

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Levi_0100, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Hai!
    Basically, I'm asking if anybody knows where would let me do this?
    I'm completely **** at Maths Exams, like I can do your basics and other bits and pieces but when it comes to the Exam its downhill. I got an E for maths GCSE where when starting college Year 12 I then got a Level 1 Adult Numeracy and then after that I tried for Level 2 Functional Skills where I failed it 3x last year and when I was put in for the exam this year, my form tutor put me in for it they took me off it saying because Im not in a "class" for it this year they cant give me the exam (I even offered to pay them the £12.50 for the exam but they said no) and aparently I couldnt join the X-College GCSE Maths class because I had a Grade E and not a D but anyway after kicking off with them, College said the Adult Education people can help which they have but I'm yet to do the exam with them which they said I can do the L2 Adult Numeracy but I'm starting to panic because I really need a L2 Maths for Uni what I want to start in Sept which I cant start without maths and this BTEC Maths seems very very good but I havnt got a clue where to do it and I even E-Mailed Edexcel about it and they havnt got back to me so I'm in a stook really. [​IMG]
    Like if anybody knows where I could do this or any advice on something similar that would be very, very appreciated. I'm just after something which I can just do, give to them and then just like that and the BTEC Maths is coursework based so can make life somewhat easier without all the stress.
    Hope somebody can help!

    Thanks. [​IMG]
  2. Ok, I shall try here.
    (i) You are good at maths just poor at exams?
    (ii) You got an E grade and want better but cannot do an exam as you feel you will get another 'bad grade?
    (iii) You would like a functional level 2 qualification for Uni and cant get on one at your current place?
    They do exams about 3 times a year. You can find a centre to do it if you are an external candidate
    AQA have other similar qualifications
    Then you have OCR ALAN
    or you may want to look at
    With all due respect if you cannot get above an E grade on an edexcel linear paper then it may be a case of developing your understanding of maths rather than exam technique.
    Up to D grade on the current 1380 Edexcel Linear paper is simply common sense from experience.
    You can sit that at any edexcel centre and the closing date will be in about 10 days to 2 weeks for normal fees being charged
    What is it you wish to study at uni?

  3. pencho

    pencho New commenter

    With regards to the functional maths L2.
    I'm not sure AQA is the best option. Edexcel papers to our students seem easier to access, plus you can sit it up to 8 times during year in Edexcel and soon sit it on demand.

  4. Agree, everything edexcel is easier regardless of what anyone may state.
    If I were a HoD it would be edexcel throughout for results alone and MEI books for kids who fancy learning about maths rather than following algorithms.
    From experience AQA comes a distant second to edexcel with OCR/MEI being (on average) far more challenging
    Most of my kids will be a grade down on a linear OCR paper in comparison to the Edexcel version on GCSE linears
  5. KYP

    KYP New commenter

    I think your best chance is the Adult numeracy. I know several students who have passed that and not GCSE. You can practice using the moveon website. I am teaching Functional Maths to a group of students who already have B or C in GCSE and they are struggling!
  6. KYP

    KYP New commenter

    I teach in a sixth form college. Over the past few years, Level 2 ALAN has been accepted (when GCSE Maths C+ was an original requirement) for a number of uni courses, including PCET PGCEs, some tourism and management courses, even ICT from what I remember. But many academic courses do not require maths GCSE at all - History for example.
    Yes, ALAN needs good literacy skills, but (forgetting any pedagogical or philosophical high ideals of teaching for understanding or enjoyment of maths) many students can be 'trained' to pass the exam.
  7. Indeed and some schools even have 'ALAN days' where they drill kids for a on both the L and the N a on the day before the exam (then compare it to '2 GCSEs')

  8. Hey, Sorry for the delayed reply,
    I got told today I have been entered for the L2 Adult Numeracy (Its the OCR 1 as well) for sometime in the next few weeks, but they said thats its probably not worth going again for the Functional Skills Exam though and just sticking now with Numeracy as they said if I did fail it then I can just take it again every few weeks or so.
    I did look at the GCSE Maths Link and looking at past papers it seems relatively straightforward when I went over them, so I'm still concidering booking the Maths Exam for June as a form of backup if I did fail the Numeracy and aparently with job prospects, some employers might decline someone without GCSE Maths at C,
    Also for the Exam, I got told I can do it on a 121 thing in a study room so thats slightly alleviated my thing towards exams slightly!
    I appled to do DipHe Operating Department Practice, where 2 have invited me to Interview but one declined me on the basis of maths as they dont take an equvilant one, so thats probably another reason to possibly go for GCSE as they did say if I entered for June, they would reconcider it in August so quite potentially a back up if I unexpectedly got declined on all three choices!

    Levi. :)

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