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BTEC IV training question....HELP!

Discussion in 'Music' started by ViolaMan, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Many thanks, that makes a lot of sense.
  2. I've another question for you ......similar wording but this time "Does the documentation show that a timely approach is in place for the VERIFICATION OF ASSESSMENT DECISIONS"?
  3. What that refers to is the post-assessment IV process. Has it been done close enough to the assessor's feedback date and is there a 'timely', i.e. quick enough, turnaround between assessor feedback, post-assessment IV and feedback to students.
    Does that make sense?
  4. That does make sense, thanks. So if assessor's signature appears on internal verification-assessment decisions as 04/06/12 and IV signature 07/06/12 (the learner units starting on 01.11.11 and completed on 31.05.12) would that be considered to be a "timely approach"?
  5. Where I work we are supposed to have a two week turnaround of taking in work, marking it, IVing it and returning it. In practice that doesn't always happen (as you can imagine!) so I would say that your dates show a <u>very</u> timely approach [​IMG]
  6. TrueFaith

    TrueFaith New commenter

    Bear in mind that all of the training materials provided by Edexcel regarding the OSCA process have full answers with SSV Commentary, backing up their answers.

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