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BTEC IT Practitioners Level 3 - Unit 2 Computer Systems

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by theresaluff, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I bet a number of eyes will be raised to heaven when my question is read but I need to ask it all the same......
    In Unit 2 P7 is test a configured computer system for functionality and I have read the guidelines and the Pearson Student book but still can't actually see what they are after. What do the students need to test to get the evidence they need to fullfil the criteria?
    Can anyone give me their take on this criteria and what Edexcel is actually looking for??
  2. The pdf for Units 1-20 on Edexcel's web site says:
    Testing: functionality eg software applications open and work as intended, default folder settings are correct, desktop shortcuts go to the right place, the correct device drivers are installed, the correct paper sizes are set for printing, menu options work as intended, the correct date and time are set.
    It seems you are also meant to link this in with M3 so performance testing could be included and then suggestions could be made for improvement. Students could check the correct application was configured to open certain file types (e.g. which imaging program starts when you double-click a .jpeg image). If a business user required .zip software for encrypting sensitive date (e.g. 7-zip) then their machine may need to be configured to use 7-zip for unzipping files instead of the default Windows feature (if AES-256 encryption has been used).

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