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BTEC IT assessment and assignments

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by escha1305, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Oh and by the way, it is the level 2 diploma! :)
  2. jennygriffiths22

    jennygriffiths22 New commenter

    Hi - I am HOD at a school in cornwall and we have introduced the new level 2 spec after 1 year of teaching the old one.

    Happy to share and cross-moderate if it helps. jennygriffiths22@hotmail.com

  3. My school is switching from DiDA and the GCSE 2010 to the BTEC in September so i've been trying to read through it all in preparation.
    If you are going to pull resources/ideas together i'd love to network with you guys.
    I'm trying to get on some of the EDEXCEL held courses/meets sometime soon as well.

    How is it going for you so far?
  4. BTEC IT seems to be attracting a lot of interest, and the Tories seem to have heard of it!
    For us, it's the best Level 3 IT course available, it's an atractive looking Level 2 course too. We're waiting to see what the Wolf Report etc come out with before changing our Level 2 offer though.
    The Teach-ICT site has loads of excellent stuff for BTEC.

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