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BTEC Home Cooking skills

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by alicole, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Has any one completed an assignment brief or have any resources they would like to share for the Jamie Oliver BTEC run by Edxcel? Am new to this course and would find the guidance useful. Thanks!
  2. I downloaded the spec and have a whole set of 36 lessons now to teach it (20 practical and 18 theory). When I found out how much it was to register each child I picked myself back up from the floor and promptly drew up our school certificate in cooking skills which we award at the end of KS3 to the students who have completed at either pass, merit or distinction level.
    I can give you the headings etc and recipes we do, but most resources are a collage from books and so I cant send them to you directly.
    Hope that helps.
  3. Would like to know how can I apply to teach BTEC Home Cooking Skills. Thanks
  4. Hi,

    is there any chance of you sending me ANY resorces for this course, as I am delivering it for the first time from Sept.



  5. We have based our year 9 SOW on it this year and it went really well but...didn't register or enter kids for 1/2 GCSE , just used the excellent (free) resources and a bit of common sense adapting when recipes seemed outragously expensive. Students had a great time, gained skills, and confidence and tutors a buzz because they were doing something really useful (which let's face it - we all signed up for!) Just out of interest how much is it to actually enter a student?
  6. We've had a complete nightmare with this. Downloaded the spec and the Learner record and it seemed quite straightforward. My collegue went on the training course which was combined with something else, they spent 10 minutes on this course of which half was talking about making mayonnaise in a jar.
    We completed the assessments as included in the learner record and sent them to the moderator - suddenly we're hit with comments about assignment briefs - surely these are what is included in the learner record?
    I'd love to hear how other schools have got on.
    We'll probably go back to OCR entry level for our foundation tier pupils next year.
  7. Dav
    How far have you got in delivering this course this year. I am also delivering in a PRU to Year 10s, did you come up with a plan?
  8. Hi I would be really grateful if you could give me any help/advice re the level 2 home cooking skills course please. Help!!!

  9. Hi can you help me at all with questions/advice and where really to start on delivering the level 2 cooking skills course?

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