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BTEC - Home Cooking Skills

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by almika, May 10, 2010.

  1. pecks

    pecks New commenter

    We built a web site last year withh free resources for BTEC hospitality www.teamchefs.tv

    We are now in the process of creating new resources for all levels in time for September.

  2. Hi I have been asked to teach this to a Year 9 group for the whole year from September. Have you been on the training course that has been offered? Have you any ideas how you are going to teach this? Also what level are you thinking of doing? Would appreciate any help. Many Thanks
  3. TC7


    >We are thinking of doing this BTECH with Y9 aswell, but our BTECH school leader has phoned Edxcell with various questions, apparently they may have to be 14, and we hope to run it in about 40 hours, because we rotate. We are going to start with level 1 but apparently the course hasn't be verified yet. We are also hoping to obtain a mark scheme as we can't find it. I think its really exciting and much more suited to our students who struggle with coursework and cooking anything let alone new innotative ideas.
  4. Yes we normally do rotate but I am going to take 1 group for the whole year. What you could do is don't put the results in until Sept next year and then the pupils will be 14. What I might do is contact edexcel and explain what we are doing and see what they say. Would you like me to let you know?
  5. TC7


    I looked at the first Y9 group birthdays this afternoon and many were from May to late August. I had also suggested we put the work in next year, but apparently Art are starting an entry level BTECH and they have been told its only a recommendation so this is another of our questions. Also do we have to complete all the suggested topics in level 1? Do you know anything about mark schemes? If you hear or find anything out It would be great to hear the outcome. We really need to get sorted for September. Thanks.
  6. Ok just heard back from Edexcel and they have said the following: This can be delivered to 13 year olds. You can't claim certificates until Year 11 but it can be banked. It is worth two thirds of a GCSE at grade B. I am going to deliver level 2, but would still like to hear from anybody who has been on the training.
  7. TC7


    Thank you for that information, did you ask about the marking scheme? I must admit I prefer the level 2 but that is 60 hours and we don't have that many hours. We can just fit in 40. Do you have to do all the topics in the scheme of work ? ??? Just wondering!
  8. I didn't but can email them and ask and will let you know. Not sure about all the topics as well so again will ask. Edexcel are pretty good at getting back to you. Have you been on any training for this course?
  9. We are doing the level 1 at the minute- nearly finished it. we have the students 3 times a week so had one lesson where we did an evaluation of what they had made for the 1st half of the lesson, a demonstration of the next thing they were making for the last half of the lesson, the next lesson, they wrote and typed up the recipe and the final lesson they made the product, then followed the same programme the following week. we made a mixture of savoury and sweet recipes. we only have 1 hour lessons so were short of time and this made it difficult sometimes to find recipes that worked well.
    hope this helps
  10. I am trying to introduce both levels into my school but finding it increasingly difficult to get registered and sorting out the lead IV stuff. Also not sure what I would have to send as evidence - the learning outcomes I would complete at the end of the course but they will require evidence before then and mine won't produce much written work. what are others finding?
  11. dominiquehowson

    dominiquehowson New commenter

    Hi, I've just been given this to teach and was a very last minute decision. Has anyone got any schemes of work for level 2 that I can browse upon to save hours starting from scratch.


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