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BTEC Home Cooking Skills Level 2

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by jgirl, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Nobody taught this?
    I understand that it is the holidays so thought I would bump this up the list a bit! Sorry!
  2. Hi
    In light of the wold report im going to use portions of the Jamie Home cooking skills but adapt and produce my own school award,

    I used some of the resources and recipes on placement last year on placement and they went down well,
    What year are you teaching it to ?
  3. Hi,
    Will be using the award with Year 9 students, possibly also some Year 11's. Have downloaded all the resources and recipes and they seem good. Just wondering why you might be producing your own award rather than entering students for the 1/2 GCSE?
  4. TC7


    Someone in our Dept taught this year with Y9 - level 1 but we have decided it is too costly for a very low D - G equivalent GCSE about £16 per student. So we will not be doing it this year. The member of staff teaching it also has to take an online test to mark the work. As a teacher of Btech you have to seek out and devise your own course unlike GCSE which is very prescribed. It is difficult to judge what is required exactly. The idea is good but too costly.
  5. We taught this successfully to low ability / foundation tier groups in yr 10 and 11 and are teaching it again next year. We found it very easy to teach and the pupils loved the practical emphasis. It worked well partly because they were small groups (the largest was 11 pupils). I wouldn't try to teach it as an alternative or extra GCSE course as it is very basic level.
    One piece of advice is to talk to someone already teaching BTEC courses - there are very specific paperwork requirements which aren't anywhere on the website. We didn't do the online test (want to do it this year) and were moderated, which is where we ran into the paperwork issues.
  6. Thanks for the information foody!

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