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BTEC Home Cooking Skills - Jamie Oliver

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by maisymain, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. I have had the same problem. I have read the spec over and over and cant decide how many recipes or sections they need to cover in order to gain level 1 or 2, and so, how long to run the course. The exam board (edexcel) are very nice but their informnation is informative. I been looking at somen of the entry 3 and levrl 1 BTEC in the vocational syllabus.
  2. Hi Level 1 course is 40 guided hours and Level 2 is 60. I am running the level 1 as an after school club over a year for my year 11's. If you give me your e mail address I am happy to send you a brief SOW that I have done for it which I have used the Spec. There is very little written involved for Level, and the work books have been created for you. All you would have to do is the assignment brief and register with Edexcel and OSCA. Hope this helps
  3. AmandaJWilson

    AmandaJWilson New commenter


    Please would you send me your SOW for Level 1 Jamie Oliver Home cooking skills. Also do you possibly have a copy of a completed portfolio, so that I can show a completed one to the students.

  4. Hi am currently running both level 1 and level 2 to different groups and am doing them over the year with a mixture of practical and theory lessons as well as level 1 food safety. found information very sketchy from edexcel. if you want to give me your email can send you copy of work booklets that i have done.
  5. Hi I have a group of SEN yr 10 pupils and I am wanting to deliver this btec too. They all have done some kind of food practical and theory before but I teach them at a year 8/9 level due to there abilities I thought I would run the level 1 from now until summer and then the level 2 for them from september next year? I have seen a couple of SOW for the level 1 which are really good and I am following a combination of the 2. But I can't seem to find any ideas for level 2 and was wondering if anyone has taught it yet? or wether I should run the level 2 over 2 years? (not a food specialist!)

    Sorry for the questions! :)

    Thank You
  6. I would be grateful of any SOW or examples, as starting the course from scratch this year.

    Email sally.smith@advancedchildcare.co.uk

    Thanks :)
  7. Could I please have a copy of your workbook, I, delivering this to SEN students at the moment. joliver4@wardenpark.co.uk

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