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BTEC Health and social care-have money to spend on resources-but what do i buy? HELP!

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by smehboob, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Hello!

    I'm in th enice position of having money to spend but no idea what kind of resources I need. I teach the BTEC First HSC and so far I have bought one copy of the BTEC First HSC student textbooks for myself(Michie and the Moonie one). I also have a teachers resource pack.

    Thats it. Are there any recommended resources that other HSC care teachers use? Because I have been surviving on bare essentials (we do not have interactive whiteboards yet but will do in Sept-have survived on blackboards), I really don't have a clue. Any software packagaes or other resources suggested would be useful.

    Thanks a lot.
    So far I have put an order in of 30 copies of the Michie and 30 copies of the Moonie textbooks.
  2. anybody?
  3. Honey121

    Honey121 New commenter

    what units are you doing?

    I have taught Communication and Individual Rights and in that case it would be good to get things like audio tapes that have people on with speach impairments, videos with life stories on, blindfolds to experience visual impairment, a set of braille cards, pay for a guest speak to come in such as a speech and language therapist-could you pay for a taster in sign language? I could go on....

    Let me know the units you have chosen and I will think.

    Kind regards

  4. thank you! some good ideas.

    im doing the two compulsory units-communication and ind rights and individual needs. will hopefully be doing cultural diversity as our third unit.

    was thinking about dvd's too...

  5. Hi

    I have just found out last week that I will be co-ordinating the BTEC First Diploma in health and social care to lower sixth students.

    Beecause I am teaching the entire course and setting all assignments etc etc etc..... could anyone brief me on which modules are relatively useful to do at the start i.e the two compulsory units and how it would be bestto strcture the year (3 modules before the christmas break and three after??))

    i am also a newly qualified teacher this year so this all adds to the fun:)

    Any advice welcome

  6. Hello
    I too have found out this week I am teaching BTEC first level 2 in Health and Social Care. I have nothing yet! My background is PE and so this is completely new to me. Anyone who has resources or can recommend resources will be greatly appreciated
    email address carolinewheeler@hotmail.com
    Big thanks
  7. Georgia99

    Georgia99 New commenter

    I teach BTEC 2 HSC. I find the Haworth textbook the best as it provides a really good guide to the units and the assessment criteria. In my class I have enough of the textbooks to issue each student with one. The BTEC resource pack is really good as it contains worksheets and activities for each unit.
    Helenhudspith and hscshare are good websites to download resources that other people have created. For the anatomy and physiology module I find playdough invaluable for getting students to make the structures. It is also worth getting a blood pressure measuring device, peak flow etc if you can afford it.
    I don't mind emailing you some of my resources. Let me know what units you are planning on delivering and I can send stuff across.
  8. you tube is best.
    I have been teaching HSC at various level for 2 years now. It all depends on your individual groups of learners. Sometimes group work/activities don't work infact end up being a time waste.
    So i stick to the course book use the case studies in them, question answer, make them get in pairs and list things, watch a video clip off you tube and yes soap characters as examples work wonders. Also get them to do presentations now and then.
    Independant learnering is wise.[​IMG]

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