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BTEC First; unit 1 P4 and P5

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by going grey quickly, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. going grey quickly

    going grey quickly New commenter

    after running the new spec unit 1 this year it was felt that the P4&P5 aspects were too difficult for students at the pass level so looking to re-writing the assignment but although looked through example assignments it still looks like every idea we come up with is going too complex for level 2 students; anyone happy with theirs and would like to share!
  2. No, not happy with ours either. Ran the examplar P4 and P5 assignment tasks and found it virtually non starter with L2 kids, even the A grade student. Felt like you'd gone from understanding & evaluating ownership types to researching european and national funding on economic growth and discuss the reasons for positive and negative employment growth in a given area. Whilst a discussion like this is fantastic, gripping and an excuse to talk shop for Business graduates - at the moment, this area has totally shot over the heads of my specific target audience for this qual.
    We ended up finding local/national employment & unemployment rates. Writing a discussion on how the local area has changed from sector to sector, adding in the reasons for this change and squeezing in some comments that the decline in secondary sector skills deskilled and demotivated workforce which contributes to unemployment rate. (Those were the teaching notes, not the student ones!). Next time round, the assignment will be more THAT based than the exemplar version.
    Any variations on this, gladly welcome - because I still don't like it.

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