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BTEC First hospitality

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Amberspyglass, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. This sounds great as we are needing to develop our food courses and have been looking at the C&G ones but need something for the more able.
    please could we have a copy too? bia@moseleyschool.org
  2. KHL


    Please could I also have a copy of your info?
    We've also just been told that we can start delivering the new Hospitality Diploma from 2010, so I'd be interested to know of anyone already teaching this, and any advice they can give.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi
    I teach the level 2 and level 3 Btec hospitality course to year 10 and 11 and year 12 and 13 and it is the best course I have ever taught. It is really flexible and you can add anything in whenever you want. the level 2 can be run as a part time course over 2 years which equates to two gcse's at A to c grade or ful time over 2 years which equated to 4 gcse's a to C. You are expected to get a sample of work verified from someone within your school that has knowledge of BTEC's and then the external verifier will contact you once a year to externall verify your work but only send off copies as you do not get it back. Yes it does seem a daunting task when you first set off writing the briefs but it is a very rewarding course to teach and the external verifiers are extremely supportive (well mine is any way) and when you see students that are targetted E grades at GCSE getting distinctions at BTEC it is extremely awarding. I have looked in to the level 1 and in my opinion I would not bother, just start with the level 2 as it is more to do with the hospitality industry. If you would like some exemplar tasks I will gladly forward a sample of mine if you post your email address on this site. and we could then perhaps contact each other and i will glady talk to you about it more. Good luck
  4. My School are going to start this in September and My teacher ( im the techy) is trying to get as much information on this as possible so I know she would be most grateful for a copy of this CD, so if its ok id like to jump on the bandwaggon too!
    My email is wburgess@sgfl.org.uk

  5. Hi Helenford7
    Could you send me some exemplar work for the level 2 I would be so grateful I have had advice regarding content but not much in the way of expected outcome
    aec@johnwarner.herts.sch.uk Thank you
  6. There is a course in Cardiff in June. I am starting the course in Sept. I have ran the first dip in H&SC for 2 years and had good results. Dont be scared
  7. Could you forward any info to me as well please - trying to decide what BTech to run and quite confused
  8. sorry I think I forgot to attach my address
  9. I have just read this and would be very grateful if you could send me a cd or any useful info. Trying to work out how to build a course at the moment and any help would be much appreciated.

    email: roger.oaten@jmonline.org.uk
  10. Hi there I would love some help with this. I am starting hospitality in Spetember. My email at school is roger.oaten@jmonline.org.uk
  11. Hi replied to your post a couple of onths back and I was wondering if I could have a copy of the CD as well please. My email address is claire.andrews@erith.kent.sch.uk or if you could post it to me my details are as follows
    Mrs C Andrews
    Head of Food Technology/Hospitality
    Avenue Road
    DA8 3BN
    Many Thanks
  12. Hi

    I have just been told by my HOD that I will be delivering this course from September. I would greatfully appreciate a copy.

  13. Hi -
    Glad to hear of a course that seems worthwhile for students. I would appreciate a copy of CD and resources. I will be willing to share resources once we get under way in September. My e-mail address is sjdarrington@clara.co.uk
    Thanks for your time and effort
  14. Hi Helen7 and Kos Meisie

    I will be teaching kick starting my NQT year with this course as of September and would appreciate any materials, resources and exemplary tasks that you can provide.

    My email address is ijestoddart@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance
  15. Hi
    I left you a message before but thought perhaps you may need my address to send the cd to.. WE are starting the BTec level 2 in september and have found it difficult to get started, but would be willing to share our work with you and others to help us all.
    hope to hear from you soon
    keri rubery
    cockshut hill technology college
    cockshut hill
    b36 2hx

  16. hi

    I would love a copy of your CD PLEASE. I start nxt week and have only just found out - much appreciated

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