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BTEC First 2012 Principles of Applied Science

Discussion in 'Science' started by alexat1987, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    When you said we bought in the assessmnet pack - which one did you buy? Are you now altering this to the new 2012 BTEC or are you awaiting for this?
    We bought the Collins teacher pack in 2010 and I am wondering whether to adapt these assignments. I have tried adapting one which has taken me a while.
    Also, we are looking at teaching the examined unit alongside the assignments. Are you? How do you plan to deliver this?
    Any advice would help greatly. Thanks.
  2. I had a copy of the Collins and didn't really like it - so we bought the one Pearson bought out to go with the Edexcel course. I am now trying to get in contact with our local rep to see if there is a new one to go with the new specification.

    With regards to teaching the examined unit we haven't fully decided yet. My gut feeling is to teach it in one chunk as our pupils will cope with this better. When we enter them for the exam i'm again not sure - but can let you know when we decide if this helps.

    When it came to adapting I used an amalgamation of what we already had (Collins and own versions) or just changed things slightly as otherwise you may as well write them from scratch yourself.
  3. bs1nt

    bs1nt New commenter

  4. The resources and teaching packs from Pearson are quite good (I prefer them to the Collins ones). They only cost £25 per unit for all the teaching resources; teaching resources, SOW etc and I adapted our old assignments to fit in with the new garding criteria. I would suggest buying these as they will do most of the work for you.

    I have been teaching the examined unit alongside the assignments that it fits in with but there are a few bits that didn't seem to fit in easily so I am teaching them now as a stand alone unit in the run up to the exam. I have also bought the revision/workbooks for the examined unit to work through in lessons and as homework for the pupils
  5. We bought zig zag units as found them much better than the current Pearson ones. We have been doing a bit of both with the examined unit but are now just focussing on that until after the exam. Let me know if you want more info.
  6. Nina06

    Nina06 New commenter

    Hi all,

    I am looking to start BTEC in September, I am also on the BTEC course in a couple of weeks - however could anyone help with.....

    1) Can the course be taught over 2 years? So the students sit the exam in November Year 10 but cash in the Assignments with that exam result in June Year 11?

    2) Can the students sit the examined unit as many times as they need?

    3) Can the course be competed in 3 hours a week for 1 year?

    Thanks for your help

  7. 1. Yes the course can be taken over two years. It just means you don't do the 'Applications of Applied Science course'

    2. The Unit 1 exam can be taken June (this Tuesday), November, March and next June.

    3. 3 hours a week over 1 year is going to be very tough although we have done the course with lower ability pupils who have found it VERY tough which has resulted in us changing our minds and doing the course over two years,

    Hope this helps.
  8. I would say that be careful about taking on the BTEC monster if you are alone with it all. I have done the same over the last couple of years and it has been a big learning curve for me. The key to success is having organised staff to deliver it and keeping on top of the marking and verifying.... It is a massive undertaking in terms of workload so just be aware of this!

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