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BTEC Exploring Music composition

Discussion in 'Music' started by allalone, May 15, 2011.

  1. Hi I have taken over a group just after easter and they are working on this BTEC level 2. I have not taught it before wondered if people could help me- how do they approach this - group are pass level - how do you do it- do they choose ideas. Do you structure it? I was thinking of doing example based on different stimuli like rhythm, chords, perhaps a brief and get them to come up with ideas for each. Can the 5 ideas be for different pieces or do they have to be the same stimulus? so does it have to be 5 film piece ideas or 5 rhythm ideas or can you have ideas for different pieces?
  2. Have a look in the specification for this unit. There are really helpful guidence notes under the assessment and delivery sections after the grading criteria page.
  3. Thanks I have just had a look but I have no idea what they would class as an idea etc the group have little basis to music compostion so I need to work out what I can do
  4. If you look at my resources I have uploaded a pack for delivery of our entire level 2, we teach that unit and the assignments for it are in there.
  5. Hi Thanks
  6. As far as we (my department) read it, it means things like hook-lines, melodic and rhythmic phrases, chord progressions etc. Things that they can, or could, develop into their fully formed musical compositions. We usually specify that each of the 5 ideas must be at least 8 bars in length and show certain compositional techniques.
  7. Hi poemeelectronique can I message you for specific things please

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