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BTEC Engineering anyone?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by willoj1, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. I'm in the same boat as you I think. My department is being pushed to introduce new courses to offer more choice to pupils. BTec eng. or construction seem to be the prefered options. We've had the admin and salesman chat from the exam board but it would be nice to be told the "ins and outs" of actually teaching it. What equipment or machinery is required? what is the course content? Where can we get specific training? Is it possible to visit schools who are teaching it and pick thier brains? This new GCSE RM spec and the 30 hour CAT is turning pupils off like light switches so we are looking for something to attract them back.
  2. sav5000

    sav5000 New commenter

    yes, both engineering and electronics students follow edexcel lv2 btec engineering
    engineering units 1/2/10/14
    electronics units 1/2/7/19
    skills based aproach works well, creates independance in learning.
    edexcel website cleraly sets out qualifications criteria
  3. Have been teaching Level 2 BTEC First Certificate in Engineering for the last 3 years and now feel confident to start teaching the BTEC Diploma in September. Lots of new units to prepare for though.
    Never been pushed to offer something different but felt it matched what our students wanted to do. We still offer, Food, Textiles, Graphics and RM at GCSE, but compliment it with BTEC Engineering and GCSE Hospitality and Catering. This has meant that we have managed to keep students in Tech despite being a non compulsory subject in Year 9 options.
    Future developments include early specialisation in Year 9 to aid recruitment into Year 10 Technology options. Allowing a fast tracking group to be considered and may opt for AQA GCSE Product Design to allow this to happen.
    With BTEC, I have found it to be quite liberating. Provides flexibility in teaching and flexibility in assessment methods. Admin, planning and organisation are the keys to success. I lead the subject and team teach it with another member of staff, we take responsibility for different units and the assignments and act as internal verifiers for each other. Makes timetabling a little easier and also means students gets a varied diet of engineering. We can also tailor the course to specific needs and play to the strengths of the department. Also provides flexibility and allows us to enter them for an Entry Level Certificate in H&S from the British Safety Council and enrichment activities such as Greenpower.
    Next year the plan is to try and get every student through the Extended Certificate in Year 10 and make the difference up in Year 11 to gain the Diploma. Have chosen the nice units to appeal to appeal to the students like CAD.
    I have also taken time to integrate the assignments to cover the core units, so that they are not taught on their own and put the students off but set them in the context of the work they are doing.
    As for equipment, look carefully at the unit requirements for each unit, assess group size and then look at what you will be asking the students to produce. For Unit 14, I have done a chain splitter, Unit 19 an MP3 Ampifier circuit. These are easily achieveable in most schools.
    I have also involved others in setting assignments to get a true vocational context for their work.
    I hope this helps.
  4. Just found out that we'll be doing a 7 unit Btec qualification in September called 'creative design'. units include a mixture of design, communication, craft and photography, and will be run in conjunction with the ICT dept. Sounds like fun to be honest, and I'm encouraged by the comments above about engineering, which I have always thought to be a devil of a course to deliver, from reading the spec.
  5. Wondered if anyone had any experience of teaching Level 2 BTEC Double in Single time?
  6. Just looking at starting the new BTEC engineering with Y10, looked at a few things on the system but seems a bit dull, anyone else had any joy?

    Would be pleased of any pointers or views,
  7. I have also started with two groups, one of 18, one of 27! Two girls.

    So far so good. starting with types of engineer as intro to Module 1.

    Have bought 48 small screwdrivers off ebay for module 2.

    Going to use modules 3, 6 and 8. This adds up to more than points required but I have the time and can then choose which marks to submit for different kids.

    I have ordered some Pearson text books but they haven't appeared yet.
  8. looking at starting the new BTEC spec with Y10, any advice?
  9. Carlsberg

    Carlsberg New commenter

    Could you let me know the best periodical to advertise for an Electronics teacher, please . No success in TES for the last 2 years.
  10. Where are you?
  11. Carlsberg

    Carlsberg New commenter

  12. Carlsberg

    Carlsberg New commenter

    Mucat, Oman. Technical College
  13. Hi,

    I have just started teaching the new BTEC Engineering this year with Y9 + Y10 too.

    Curious to know how you have planned your schemes of work.

    We have purchased the teaching resource packs but they are very dry and uninspiring.
  14. re

    re New commenter

    1. Look at staffing and equipment and decide which modules to do

    2. Look at pass, merit distinction for each module and decide what you need to do to satisfy each statement

    3. Look at the copious delivery guidance notes in the specification

    4. Spend hours writing booklets for each module that cover assessment criteria for each module.

    The resource packs and text books from Pearson are dire

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