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BTEC Creative Media Production

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by Zoki59, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Zoki59

    Zoki59 New commenter


    I'm teaching the new spec BTEC Media in Sept, and I'm looking for some advice as to what computer software and equipment would be recommended for this?
  2. Zoki59

    Zoki59 New commenter


    I'm teaching the new spec BTEC Media in Sept, and I'm looking for some advice as to what computer software and equipment would be recommended for this?
  3. jacqablett

    jacqablett New commenter

    Me too! Not sure yet either, off to course at end of month, hope to know more then.
  4. Officially, BTEC will not give you any 'minimum' standards in terms of resources. It also depends if you are doing Level 2 or Level 3. If you are doing Level 3, I really do think that you need a suite of decent computers so that each student has access to one. I have always used Adobe Creative Suite for DTP work &Final Cut Pro for video work. Thlatter is Mac only and there are lots of alternatives out there for the PC, some are excellet and some are outrageously bad - do some research. Then you also need digital stills cameras, digital video cameras (adapt as required depending on the pathways you offer). For video, buy as many of the best cameras you can afford. If you are doing Level 2, the software can be less complex but must still deliver the desired outcomes. It is also the case that some of the cheaper and more 'straightforward' software is often not just that! Students often find the 'simplicity' and lack of functions quite limiting, so be careful.
    I must say I do despair when I visit schools and colleges trying to deliver 'Media' on the cheap - it really doesn't work; the other problem is teachers with no real decent media understanding or background being thrown in at the deep-end and then struggling with things like Photoshop.I hope this isn't what you're going to experience.
  5. I also wish to apologise for the typos and spelling mistakes in that last post - doing too many things at once.
  6. Zoki59

    Zoki59 New commenter


    I'm doing the Level 2. We have PC's in our school.

    I want to do the Video Production and Audio Production units initially. Does anyone have the makes and models of cameras they are using, and where they order them from? And any audio recording equipment. The software we have is Macromedia, Movie Maker and Audacity.
  7. Try these guys: http://www.jigsaw24.com/
  8. mrbaxtersbeard

    mrbaxtersbeard New commenter

    Adobe do stripped down versions of their expensive programs. Premiere Elements is good for video editing and Photoshop Elements is good for image manipulation. There's a fere program called GIMP for image manipulation but hat depends on whether your ICT people can download it and install it for you -we aren't allowed to install anything, understandably!
    You can run them on pc or mac, but the file sizes for the Adobe stuff are a bit whopping, and you need a decentish pc on which to run them. You can download trial versions to see what you think. There is loads of online support -if you can think of an effect, someone will have devised a process to do it. Hope this helps.
  9. Zok

    I'm doing it this year for the first time. If you want any advice I might be able to help. I'm initially doing unit 1 and 7. So might be able to help as there are two in our dept so we are trawling through. it's beckcd@hotmail.com
  10. Zoki59

    Zoki59 New commenter

    Ta for that!!! Software isn't the issue now - got Adobe CS5 and Premiere elements - was well impressed!!! Now its about writing the assignments!!!
  11. I too am teaching this for the first time this year, may be useful for us to share ideas. Let me know and I'll send you my details.
  12. Zoki59

    Zoki59 New commenter

    Yep, will defintately be useful - I'm looking for email contacts. But also I'd like to get a small group together in the North West where we can meet up occassionally, bring pupils work and compare, and discuss ideas.
  13. laura1406

    laura1406 New commenter

    I'm doing BTEC media this year. I'm the only one doing it in the school. would love to bounce ideas of someone. I'm based in west yorks.
  14. Anyone teaching this spec might want to encourage their students to enter Film Education's current competition, which offers some lovely equipment as prizes: iPads for winning students and iMacs plus software for winning schools.
    We've already posted about it on this forum so just to summarise:
    Be Creative competition is open to UK students
    aged 11-19.
    To enter, students must research,
    design and create an original campaign that supports legitimate film and
    TV content and discourages ‘dodgy’ downloads. The campaign can take the
    form of:
    • A poster campaign featuring three designs, OR
    • A campaign of three 30-second radio commercials, OR
    • A 30-second filmed advert plus a ten second ‘teaser’ cut

    closing date is December 20th 2010.

    Full supporting materials, entry forms and terms and conditions are available to download at www.filmeducation.org/becreative

    Best wishes -
    Film Education team
  15. Zoki59

    Zoki59 New commenter

    Just another request to see who else is teaching this - preferably in the North West, but don't mind speaking to people from elsewhere.
  16. bromefc

    bromefc New commenter

    HI Zok,
    I am in Liverpool and have been teaching BTEC Media for five years now. Let me know if I can be of any use,
  17. Hi all,
    I am planning to teach the Higher Diploma (Certificate and then Sub Diploma) in Film and Television in Sept 2011 and therefore wondered if anyone had any advice/guidance on this in terms of planning/scheduling of units etc...
    Any help would be much appreciated, I know it's a huge ask as there are many units to choose from!
    Thank you!
  18. Zoki59

    Zoki59 New commenter

    Does anyone teach this in the Manchester/Stockport area? Thanks!
  19. Hi
    Im very experienced at delivering video production and have used a ton of different cameras over the last few years, please get in touch if you want some advice:
  20. Have you sat the Media Verification test? I am about to sit the feb one and need a second opinion on some of the tasks

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