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BTEC Creative digital media production - teachers pack

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by ClaireHall1, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. msturner78

    msturner78 New commenter

    any help and resources for core and publishing unit (14) would be a HUGE help here!
  2. Joey11

    Joey11 New commenter


    I am mopping up from a teacher last year. I am a Drama Teacher. They are now Yr11 and we are studying Unit 1 for the external exam from January. Does anyone have any resources for this unit? I would be eternally grateful. The course is being taken off the curriculum at the end of this year! TIA
  3. Joey11

    Joey11 New commenter

    Please could you send this to me too?? TIA Jo
  4. stevewade5

    stevewade5 New commenter

    I have the Unit 3 if anyone wants to share Unit 17
  5. joewarmington

    joewarmington New commenter

    Hi does any one have any examples of work for unit 5 and any Teacher Power Points or resources they would be willing to share? Thanks
  6. THFP

    THFP New commenter


    I am teaching the first award L2 Creative Digital Media at the moment. If anybody has any resources or exemplar material for unit 5 and unit 3 I would be very appreciative. Im finding it very hard to interpret the requirements without some example or clear structure.


  7. khaughey

    khaughey New commenter


    Is anyone teaching UNIT 8 - Responding to a commission? Can't seem to find any resources / guidance for this unit.


  8. joshfriday2002

    joshfriday2002 New commenter

  9. joshfriday2002

    joshfriday2002 New commenter

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