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BTEC Creative digital media production - teachers pack

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by ClaireHall1, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    Has anyone bought the BTEC Level 2 First Creative Media Production Teaching Resource Pack. Is it any good? Are there any other alternatives?

    This is my first year of teaching and i have been asked to setup media studies. I have created resources for most of the units but so close to september i feel i may not be able to create everything, buying the resource pack might be easier. What would the more experience teachers think of this?

    Many thanks in advance.

  2. i haven't bothered, i quite often find them a bit formulaic and like to make the projects have a local focus (so as to tie in a good cheapy local trip).
  3. Zoki59

    Zoki59 New commenter

    I have bought Unit 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 I think. The SOW's are good, and can be adapted. But my issue is I could do with some good media textbooks, or reference books in my class that covers everything in the spec - especially for Unit 1. I need some ideas generally now about how to teach theory based work to pupils without standing there going through a PowerPoint with them.
  4. timrahman

    timrahman New commenter

    How are you finding the course? I can't stand it. The requirements for the basic tasks are utterly absurd and the example exam they gave out is a total joke - they have ruined the course IMO.

    If anyone is teaching the video production unit and has any exemplar work for task 1 could you let me know, it seems ridiculously difficult.
  5. Isnt the video production unit for teh old spec?
  6. I have created a SOW for unit 1. i created it last year it probably will need tweaking. send me your email and i will send it through.
  7. Had the exact same problem... I have recently finished the audio production unit and the construction of microphone is ridiculously boring and complex, with most of my kids (even the top end) switching off. I have found as a whole this new spec is far too theoretically based in places, however that said.... the unit 5 digital publications unit has been fab and my students have really enjoyed it.

    I have resources for unit 2,3,4,& 5
  8. timrahman

    timrahman New commenter

    The first video unit is dull as well, the first task is terrible. Students really struggling to get to grips with it, far too much to be taught.

    Has anyone heard about exam results for this year? I wondered how they did
  9. I'm just starting unit 5 and am quite uninspired by the examples I've seen so far, Can you send me and resources you have used?
  10. How you finding assignment 2 of unit 5. Combining images and text...? My studenst are really struggling with this.
  11. DO you mind sharing resources for unit 5. What did you use to create the final assignment?
  12. I would be interested in any resources for units 2, 3 and 5 to give me some inspiration at this stage!
  13. xg!

    xg! New commenter

    ZigZag Education offer a complete teacher/ student resource for Unit 1 as well as practice papers and a revision guide.
  14. xg!

    xg! New commenter


    How you finding assignment 2 of unit 5. Combining images and text...? My studenst are really struggling with this.
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  15. Hi if anyone has any resources they would be willing to share I would be extremely grateful!! Teaching this for the first time with no real guidance.

  16. farrowmatt

    farrowmatt New commenter

    What units are you teaching? Might have some resources to send your way
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  17. amylong

    amylong New commenter

    Hi Matt,

    is there any possibility I could ask for your resources too? I'm an English teacher teaching media for first time ever-very worried!! thinking of teaching the moving image production and digital publishing production units.

    anything would be good-or any advice!!
  18. stuartcoppard

    stuartcoppard New commenter

    Hi Everyone

    I have been teaching the old QCF BTEC L2 and L3 media for 5 years and had no problems, but am finding that the new NQF spec is really tricky to navigate and my lowest ability students are struggling to access the tasks. Has anyone got any resources they'd be willing to share as to how to best meet the assessment criteria? Have tried using the BTEC resources but they're a bit dry so far :(

    Would be more than happy to swap resources!

  19. carolinealderson

    carolinealderson New commenter


    Am new to teaching this and wondered if anyone has any unit 2 resources. Thanks in advance
  20. stevewade5

    stevewade5 New commenter


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