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BTEC Countryside and Environment

Discussion in 'Science' started by RAEdwards, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I am in charge of delivering this BTEC First in my school.
    We wanted a level 2 course for sixth formers to learn about the environment in.
    Unfortunately there appears to be little or no support for this course anywhere.
    Putting this course into google for resources brings back a load of college prospectuses.
    I am hoping that someone on here has experience of this course.
    I am looking for some support in what and how to deliver certain aspects. At the moment Unit 4.

  2. A year later and I find myself in exactly the same position.
    I am teaching
    Unit 3. Animal and Plant husbandry
    Unit 6. British habitats
    Unit 15 game management

    If anyone knows of a student text book that can support this BTEC or anywhere I can find teaching resources could you please let me know (and edexcel for that matter)

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