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Btec Construction

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by re, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. re

    re New commenter

    we do health & safety, construction, low rise domestic buidings, carpentry & joinery, trowel operations and painting & decorating.We have employed a local builder for one day per fortnight who comes in to teach specific skills such as bricklaying - an invaluable resource. Pupils hand picked and limited to 12 - we are being really successful with these very low ability - some can barely write and some have behavioural problems. If you post your email address I will send what we do for carpentry & joinery.
    Also consider doing the OSCA2 training from edexcel, at the very least download the training material, it's really useful.
  2. Thanks for the reply and help, my email address is cube_works@hotmail.com .
    I am going to have a large-ish class. would you recommmend doing a variety of craft areas like you are doing or focusing on one area like i had hoped to do. Storage is going to be an issue so what ever the pupils work on has to be smallish.
  3. I am also starting this course in Sept. with a small low ability group. We will do Exploring carpentry and joinery (Level 2 cert) and i would be really grateful if you could send me something about what you do. I've been to see one school which delivers this and it looks very successful. I have a background in building industry but a long time ago so I'm a bit worried about my own level of skill in some areas though! Any advice?
    My e-mail: tomflynn_2000@yahoo.co.uk
  4. re

    re New commenter

    I have put the IVA onto the resource section under design and technology/diplomas/construction as there is no btec section. Comments welcomed - especially posiitve ones...
  5. Hello there,i have been assigned to teach BTEC construction but struggling with resources.I saw your information on the forum and was wondering if you could share some of you resources with me.My email address is
  6. Rigante

    Rigante New commenter

    Has anybody got some examples of completed work for Unit 2 Health, safety and welfare in the construction and built environment. I'm not a specalist teacher and really struggling to deliver material on this and to what depth. I am having no help from the HOD and really need to get it sorted asap.
    My email address is rharvey2@sgfl.org.uk
    Any help would be appreciated
    P.s I've tried to download the OSCA material but cannot access it!
  7. I've been teaching Btec construction for 3 years to years 9,10 and 11. We do entirely practical in year 9, starting with joinery skills, learning to cut straight and to measure to begin with, then moving onto practice joints. Lap joint, rebate, butt joint and mortise and tenon. When the pupils have these skills we spend a term making a small table in single construction and a chair in double. The next term we do plumbing and electrical. Pupils learn to solder copper pipe together with the blow torches. The school affords this by selling the copper back for scrap. In electrical pupils learn to wire plugs and ceiling roses, then they do a ring circuit of switches and lights all mounted on a board. These can be stacked on a shelf at the end of the room. In the last term the pupils learn to dry stack and then to lay bricks.
    In year 10 we go back and revise basic joinery skills and the pupils make a small mug tree learning to plane sqaure timber into an octagonal shape and then their assessed piece for the joinery unit is a bookcase. Over the rest of the btec they advance their skills in plumbing and electrical soldering two different widths of pipe and using compression fittings and wiring fuse boxes into more complicated circuits. To cover the assessed brick laying and painting and decorating we split groups into two gangs each group and thes each build a small shed. Laying 5 courses of brick and cement block and timber framing the wallas and roof. The inside of this is then wired, plumbed and decorated.
    The school does both single award and double construction and pupils do six or twelve units of theory work respectively. alot of these are the ones that accompany the practical work, joinery, plumbing, brick work, blockwork, electrical, painting and decorating. Also sustainability, health and safety maths and science. We try and get the pupils throught this as quickly as possible so we have the coursework very structured and available on the school's VLE. pupils download work and complete it. All is then ticked off on tracking spreadsheets on the IWB so the pupils can see their progress.
    Hope this helps.
  8. This sounds excellent!
    Would you be prepared to share any resources that you have developed?
    Re post on the forum & I will post my email
  9. im just reading your post from last year. im teaching the same stuff and wondered if you sent any resourses to the other request, im an ex bricklayer with ctlls and am trying to get my head round meeting all learning criteria etc. i teach at an ebd/sen school for boys so im trying to keep it as hands on as possible...any help would be more than welcome neigri@whsschool.org.uk. ... thanks in advance neil
  10. Hi some years ago I fell into D&T and I have been offered a chance to teach construction and was researching and I came across this post. Is there any chance of emailing the info re: carpentry and joinery. My email address is paul-dh@hotmail.co.uk.
    Many thanks.
  11. Hello,I Have just taken on BTEC Construction Level 2. At present i want to do UNIT 7 which is the Construction Drawing techniques.Do you have any resources or know where i can find some for this course?
    I would really appreciate some help.
    My email is swill.75@hotmail.com. Thanks!
  12. Hi
    I have been teaching BTEC for 4 years and in my experience not all learners enjoy this unit. I find that if you try to cram it into 4, 5 or 6 weeks you run the risk of some learners becoming disengaged. I spend a full year on this unit and produce drawings that are directly related to other units such as 5, 8, 11, 12 and 13.
    Go to the graphics section
    This is a great start full of downloadable worksheets which cover lots of the grading criteria for unit 7
    Enjoy and let me know how it goes

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