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BTEC Calculation of final mark....HELP!

Discussion in 'Music' started by ViolaMan, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Could someone advise me as to how to calculate the final mark of a BTEC first extended certificate course? For instance, if the marks are as follows:
    Unit 1 Pass,
    Unit 2 Merit,
    Unit 7 Pass
    Unit 9 Distinction
    would that be calculated as follows:
    Unit 1=5,
    Unit 2=6,
    Unit 7=5
    Unit 9=7 with a total of 23?
    If this is correct then what does this equate to? Despite having read through the specification numerous times I still can't make head nor tail out of this. HELP!
  2. skirky

    skirky New commenter

    I am due to start teaching this in September, so am no expert whatsoever!! However somewhere in the fog of reading up on this I think you multiply the points for each unit by the number of credits for that unit i.e. if a Unit was worth 10 credits and a Pass was awarded for that unit you would give 5 marks x 10 (50 ) etc. Total up for the 30 credits and you get your overall mark. If I've got that wrong, please someone correct me as I am a novice at this and am only at research stage !!!
  3. skirky

    skirky New commenter

    I have checked the spec.....look at Annexe G , last 2 pages of the bible!! Hope this helps[​IMG]
  4. http://www.edexcel.com/quals/firsts10/music/Pages/default.aspx

    Download the spec and go to page 11. Units either have a 5 or 10 credit weighting. A pass is 5, Merit 6 and Distinction 7. If a learner gets a distinction for a 10 credit unit then multiply by 7 and they obviously get 70 points, for a 5 credit unit at distinction this would be 35 points.
    Page 11 of the spec shows you the grade boundaries for their overall qual once you've added the marks for all their units up.

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