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BTEC Business Yr12 Market Research Lesson - IDEAS NEEDED!

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by MartinCharlton, May 10, 2011.

  1. I have a lesson observation coming up for a small Year 12 class and am really struggling to come up with creative ideas for the lesson. Any idea's would be greatly appreciated...

  2. You could start off with a lesson on Branding then perhaps look at the product life cycle when a company releases a new product into a market.
    I have a worksheet on Brand Slogans and a PPT on Branding with popular logos for pupils to guess if you would like that?

  3. I usually start the topic by conducting a focus group using different chocolate bars, fizzy drinks etc... This can then be combined with a questionnaire, interviews and even observations of buying behaviours ( if you have the time to do the field work) It tends to work as the students love to eat and drink and create their own questions!
  4. Hi, olirobby, do you have a lesson plan you could send me for this lesson on Market Research? I am a PGCE student and am teaching this in my first year 12 lesson in a couple of weeks! Any help would be extremely appreciated! Thanks
  5. The Coke/Pepsi challenge is a nice hands on lesson (and the kids'll like you because you're giving them drinks...)

    Buy 8 diff 'Cokes' (Coke, D Coke, Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Asda basics, Asda premium etc etc) and run a blind taste test of all of them; a bit of prep is needed mixing bottle caps and putting new neutral labels on all (don't forget to take the neck rings off!) Then get their feedback on what ones they like, i.e a rating out of 10, and how much would they pay for a bottle of it (make a worksheet, saves lots of time). Also before you can ask them about their favourite types of cola, many will put pepsi down then rate coke highest and vice versa.

    Good way of linking in branding and its importance, its very light-hearted but you can follow it up with a strong, academic and content based second half, which should make your tutor happy.

    Best of Luck


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