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BTEC Business Level 3 Standardisation

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by scook101, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. scook101

    scook101 New commenter

    Anyone having to do the online standardiation tasks for OSCA registration for BTEC level 3?

    If so would you consider discussing your thoughts as I am finding some of the answers ambiguous

    Many Thanks
  2. going grey quickly

    going grey quickly New commenter

    which spec is this for? The QCF (old spec) I think the units they have used are horrible! Never taught these units, so I'm struggling as well, but we only have a few learners left on this spec, so think I will leave it and just have them sampled.

    The new spec OSCA is different, you have to go through the materials with your team then tick when this has happened
  3. scook101

    scook101 New commenter

    Yes its for the old spec and again I have never taught these units. I only have two learners left on this old spec, therefore If I don't do the OSCA registration they will ask to sample them?

    We are not doing the new BTEC, we have gone back to traditional A levels

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