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BTEC Art and Design

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by hufton1, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Hi

    Can anyone help me. I have recently started at an EBD/ MLD special school and have been given BTEC Art and Design Entry 3 Level 1 to teach in Yrs 9-11.

    I am Early Years trainned so this is all very new to me. I am due to take the online training in December but am struggling to plan my lessons for this term. I have been given the spec but so far thats all I have. Im feeling a little out my deapth and dont know where to start.

    I have decided to complete the first unit on painting. The pupils have chosen the theme Nature. So far we have been looking at Andy Goldsworthy. Can anyone give me any ideas for lessons or tell me where to look online for lesson plans/ starting points.

  2. Hi
    If you go to the edexcel art and design forum and go to resources there is a really good scheme of work with corosponding assignments. They are for the level 2 extended cert but might be useful for ideas and altering to your needs.
  3. Hi there
    I teach BTEC level 2 and 3. The spec is changing again for 2012 so I will have to rewrite my assignments. It has been streamlined which I think is a good thing. Take a look on www.btec.co.uk. Go to subjects and Art and Design. In the right hand box, the different qualifications are listed. The suggested assignments are pretty good. I may just use some of their ideas and tweak them to meet our resources.
    Our first assignment in the level 2 course is based on nature. It is titled Nature into Pattern. We start of by drawing natural forms. We research William Morris, Alphonse Mucha and a modern wallpaper designer such as Linda Barker. We then design patterns to make a stencil for a screen print based on the artist research. I get them to do a mixed media final piece utilising their original drawings/paintings of natural forms and include a screen print as part of the final piece. After that, they photograph and upload their final piece into Photoshop. We turn the final piece into a poster advertising an Arts and Crafts Exhibition. This can enable them to get distinctions in Units 1 and 2.
    Hope I've been of some help?

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