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BTEC Art & Design LEAD IV assessment...help!

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by maryjanewise, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. I've done this today and feel really underconfident, I'm the LEAD IV for our offer, in addition to being the only assessor/person that delivers the course. Amongst my bank of 'Art teacher friends' no-one else teaches the BTEC so I'd really appreciate a colleague to chat with about this stressful process! [​IMG]
  2. cariadwch

    cariadwch Established commenter

    BTEC First Dip or BTEC Ext Dip?
    The only person? How many hours/week are you delivering it?
  3. I recently took the Lead IV test only to fail it. It has really knocked my confidence. When we had the external verifier last February come in, he passed our process with flying colours. He commended my handling of the course, marking procedure and resources. I did the online training for this test and passed that with flying colours. I did the practise tests and printed them off. They were difficult to make out as the quality of the copies of students work was not very good. The second assignment, I mainly got all of the questions right. The first assignment, I got about 5 wrong. When I checked back over my paper version, I noticed that I had selected the right answers but on screen, a different answer had been selected. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have changed my decision but it appears it was. I was so upset to have failed and felt I had let my school down. We are now getting an external verifier coming in fairly soon. I'm rushing around like a headless chicken trying to get all my students work marked. I also have the added responsibility of the Fashion and Clothing course and getting that teachers work IV'd apart from the other members of my department. All very stressful and could have been avoided.
  4. BTEC level 2 First extended certificate - Yes I'm the only one delivering, The group have 7 hours a fortnight. It's just quite tough setting al this up on your own and having no-one to discuss things with!
  5. It is tough but if you go on the BTEC website and go to the Art and Design section, there are lots of resources that you can access. Susan Long the subject specialist advisor is great at giving you advice. There is also a new training course or online session where you can swap ideas for writing assignment briefs. Check it out, it may just help.
  6. I am about to do mine online. Ambiguous questions so very unsure of answers.
    On practice Paper one I was too lenient and got many answers wrong so I was more strict on Paper two and again got many wrong.
    I have 32 years experience teaching A&D and never had any problems with Examiners/Moderators/EVs.
    I think I would prefer to have an EV visit anyway.
  7. Hope it went ok.
    I know exactly what you mean about having the EV come in, but alas this isn't the case anymore. You have to send off the evidence digitally!
  8. Artyfarty is correct, Susan Young emailed us in early Jan re this:
    ''If you were unsuccessful, standards verification could lead to your gaining accredited status. It will also provide the release for certification. A Standards Verifier will have been allocated to you. <font size="3">The Standards Verification Window lasts from January 1st <font size="3">to May 31</font>st <font size="3">and is a postal sampling process in which the Standards Verifier will wish to see assessed learner work from full units. '' Susan Young</font>

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