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Btec applied science level 3 KS5

Discussion in 'Science' started by vic777cat, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. vic777cat

    vic777cat New commenter

    Hello, PLEASE HELP
    Is there anybody out there that currently is or has taught Btec science at KS5 (or any science vocational course at KS5) My school is looking into it and i despritely need info on it.
    How do you rate it? do the kids enjoy it? whats your uptake like? What is your scheme of work like? are the resources good? any info would be a great help
    Thanks in advance
  2. Hi
    We do Applied Science by OCR and the students really like it with the portfolio work and trips to a whole range of organisations using science from the local sports centre to DNA work at cambridge.
    If you want more info get back to me

    Dave W
  3. we do OCR A level and it is good
    Students do well and seem to enjoy it

    Get in touch if you need some specific info
  4. We are just coming to the end of the first year of KS5 BTEC Applied Science.
    It has been hard work to implement, even with the support of the PE dept in school who have been running BTEC for a while.
    We had 12 this year and 15 are signed up for next year. I suspect drop out rate may be quite high going from Y12 to Y13.
    For us, it replaced an A level Science course which was not popular or well suited to this type of student and the BTEC is much better from this point of view.
    I think we will do a better job next year having ironed out some of the problems we came across this year.

  5. sweetypie

    sweetypie New commenter

    we will be starting btec level 3 from september. Would appreciate any support and willing to share resources.
  6. We will also be starting btec in september, will be planning course over the summer, will be happy to share resources once I have written them.

    Would be interested to know how different level 3 is from level 2?
  7. Who will you be doing the Level 3 Applied Science with? I teach Level 3 Medical Science course from Edexcel and the students really enjoy it and we also offer the Level 3 Forensic Science course too. We taught both groups together for all of the first year core modules as they are the same for both courses, teaching to both my colleague and my specialism. We have now split and are teaching the specialist units. I would say that the course is somewhere between GCSE Science and AS level but with a vocational bent towards it. I teach it slightly different to my Level 2 Applied Science, which is advised by the course specification, by teaching some lecture style, as well as giving the students some formative tasks to do to give them enough information in which to complete the actual assignment briefs fairly independently.
    As far as resources, I have used some that I have collected from GCSE specifications that I have used in the past, along with making some of my own and obviously downloading some from TES. The sort of students which take this are mainly Sports Science students, who already have been used to taking a BTEC subject or those taking Health and Social Care. The SOW is very self explanatory and we write all of our own assignment briefs, though you can take most of the background from the criteria marking grids.
    I hope that this gives you a little more information about the course.
  8. Thanks for all your replies, i think the biggest problem for me is working out what the assignment statements actually mean. How much detail is actually required for the student to achieve the criteria. For example... one statement is "use 5 websites to justify the inclusion of equipment in a specialist lab" from Unit 2 Assignment 2. How much detail would you expect for this??? Its soo vague!
  9. This is my second year of teaching the course. I would definatley buy the course book, this as example briefs in that will help you gauge the standard that you need. Our students really like the course and many went to Uni last year after gaining distinctions.
  10. saratron

    saratron New commenter

    I have taught this course for the past course. The students generally do well, but the amount of time you will spend on marking and IV'ing this course is HUGE compared to any other exam based Level 3 science course. A pass is equivalent to a grade E at A-Level, a Merit = a C/D, a Distinction = A/B and a Distinction star = A/A*. Marking standards must be kept high in order to maintain the value of this course (for prospective university applications etc...) and it is definitely not something that someone should introduce in order to "increase pass rates" in Level 3 courses. It can be ran as a one year course equivalent to half an A-Level or over 2 years to be worth the equivalent of a full A-Level in terms of UCAS points. There are 2-3 core compulsory units you must teach adn then you can chose from a range of others. The core units contain chemistry and physics too - beware if you are considering offering this as a Biology equivalent!! Lots of practical opportunity but we find that there is not as much time to teach everything in as much depth and to include all of the potential practical work and get all of the assignments done, completely, corrected and remarked!! Hope this helps!
  11. russellarnott

    russellarnott New commenter

    I started teaching the BTEC L3 this year and we've been running it for a couple of years. In terms of subject content, it is very biology heavy, some chemistry and only about a unit and a half of physics if that. The book is ok but there is a lot of repetition in there and only some of the units available for the various pathways are actually in there. I tend to use the course book as a guide but it's certainly not as thorough as the Level 2 book.
    Maybe it's just the students we have but they seem generally pretty unenthused despite my best efforts...

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