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BTEC (2010) IT Supporting Organisations (Level 2 - Unit 5)

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by lukestkd, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Hello!
    I'm in desperate need of any help you can give me! We have recently moved to BTEC, and have now commenced teaching Unit 5, however we have no SoWs or Briefs. I have the spec but am finding it very difficult to plan out from this (NQT year :( )

    If anyone has a SoW or any resources I would be eternally grateful :D

  2. Don't think I have come across anyone that delivers Unit 5 Supporting Organisations with IT, as yet. What other units are you doing, as I would suggest that you swop it. I was considering doing this unit last year and pretty quickly realised it would be really boring.
    If you are sticking with it, start off by planning out how many assignments (suggest sticking with the split identified on the specification) and how long you are going to give for each assignment and produce an assessment date calendar.
    Templates for assignments and all the numerous other bits of documentation you will need are here http://www.edexcel.com/quals/firsts10/Pages/keydocs.aspx
    If you have never delivered or prepared BTEC before you are going to need some serious help.
    Who is going to IV your assignment briefs?


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