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Brushing teeth!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by blueone, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. blueone

    blueone New commenter

    My 10 month old has 8 teeth and has been chewing his toothbrush with paste for a few months now. Ive tried to brush them for him but he wont let me (screams, shakes his head, closes his mouth etc..) Needless to say there isnt much brushing going on! So what should i do? How can i brush them? Should I just do it by force and let him cry? Or let him chew the brush for a bit longer??
  2. blueone

    blueone New commenter

    My 10 month old has 8 teeth and has been chewing his toothbrush with paste for a few months now. Ive tried to brush them for him but he wont let me (screams, shakes his head, closes his mouth etc..) Needless to say there isnt much brushing going on! So what should i do? How can i brush them? Should I just do it by force and let him cry? Or let him chew the brush for a bit longer??
  3. I can't be much help I'm afraid but just to say that we are going through the same thing with my 1 year old (who only has 3 teeth!) he thinks the whole think is hilarious and will let me brush his top tooth ok but puts his tongue over the bottom ones and just sucks the brush! My current strategy is gentle perseverance and gurning wildly at him in the mirror to try and get him to show his bottom teeth! I don't know if those finger toothbrushes can be used when they actually have teeth but was wondering if it might be easier than a proper brush? If anyone else can suggest something I would also be very grateful!
  4. blueone

    blueone New commenter

    I've now resorted zero tolerance and basically prized his mouth open and gave them a quick brush! There were tears but hey ho, they only lasted a few seconds :)
  5. Hello
    I'm sorry to gatecrash this thread because my LO has no teeth yet (8 months) but when did you start brushing your LO's teeth? I've only put paste in her mouth twice because I'm concerned just brushing gums might irritate them - but should I be brushing them regularly now?
  6. Don't fret it takes time - 10 months is very early and the chances are that your LO is not eating or drinking anything too harmful at this stage (hopefully) just keep offering the brush and demonstrating your self - it will come. I wouldn't force it though, you really don't want to make an issue out of it and toothbrushes that slip can cause nasty accidents.
  7. When I started brushing my children's teeth neither of them were happy about it. However I made it VERY clear that I would be brushing their teeth and did so. In the beginning they were not impressed and clearly did not want their teeth brushing and did their best to stop me. I was firm and got the job done, however once they were clean I would ask them to show me their teeth and go over the top with the amateur dramatics shouting "I'm blind I'm blind" saying their shiny clean teeth were so bright. After a couple of nights brushing they were rushing to 'blind' me with their super clean teeth. They thought it was great!
    My youngest is very independent and always wants to do it himself which normally involves little brushing and lots of sucking, so I say that I will spread the toothpaste around (brushing his teeth properly) and he can brush them. He is very happy with this and his teeth are cleaned without the fuss!

    The reason I was so firm from the start was my cousin's daughter hated having her teeth brushed and her mum and dad were and still are very soft and she ended up with fillings. I was determined not to let that happen when I had kids, and so far my two have perfect teeth at 6 and 2.5!
  8. You make a good point MM - you do need to be firm, but I am quite worried about babies of 10 months being forced - I think that could cause a whole heap of trouble including damage from the toothbrush. I always encouraged mine gently and built it up to be a routine, with a lot of amateur dramatics too. 10 months is too early to be fretting - it is much more important that you watch what they eat and drink at this stage and mine are 28, 25, 14 and 12 with not a filling between them. Although the 25 year old did knock out three on a skate board!
  9. hummi7883

    hummi7883 New commenter

    some good advise!!
    My 2 and half year old guy still feels annoyed if I am standing there watching let alone helping with brushin...n m sure he isnt doing any good brushing either...!![​IMG]
    tomorrow it is goingto be firm....(i dont want to spoil his morning by tears...howsilly!!)
  10. blueone

    blueone New commenter

    Thanks for the comments but I think im going to stick to brushing them myself for the time being. I have a 'thing' about teeth and i feel more reassured knowing his teeth are clean if i do them. When i brush them for him its only matter of a few quick sweeps of the brush, not prolonged manic brushing! Of course I dont want to develop issues around teeth brushing and when he can comprehend more thats when I will give him more gentle encouragement to help him become independent. I guess he's my son and Im going to do what I feel is best for him :)
  11. My 18 month old clamps her mouth shut and screams if I try to brush her teeth!! Bought her a battery powered mini electric toothbrush like mummy's so now she watches me and copies me quite well.... if she's in the mood I can brush her front teeth making a game of it but I must admit that doesn't happen on a daily basis...... she does "brush" her teeth twice a day (I watch her carefully and she doesn't do too bad a job, on her molars anyway, but how am I meant to force her if her mouth is literally clamped shut?!) Advice very much appreciated!
  12. Quite right Blueone - you know him best!
  13. Just remembered that I also used to sing a little song about the toothbrush tickling their teeth and gums, but for the life of me I can't remember it now. Also a dentist told me it was much safer and easier (it is) to brush children's teeth standing behind them as you can mimic your own toothbrushing movements - much less chance of jabbing them in the gums.
    Hope it helps
  14. My HV said to start brushing when first tooth comes through. My friend is a dentist and she said it was more about getting LO used to the taste of toothpaste rather than thorough cleaning. I feel bad when LO is all drowsy from milk and then I try to stick a toothbrush in! But i knnow it's for the best. I let him take the brush and he chomps on the bristles and sucks ont he brush. I sometimes use his old brush to brush mine or if I'm feeling brave, let him brush mine.

  15. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    My son is 2 and often clamps his mouth shut when i brush his teeth, but i do manage to do it...eventually! I usually brush them while he's in the bath in the evening. I give him a spare toothbrush to hold, and i have to do things like pretend to brush the teeth of his bath toys - dolphin, crab etc - to get him to open his mouth.
    He also brushes his own teeth several times in the day when he follows me to the loo and stands on his step at the sink and makes me put toothpaste on his brush!
    I want him to have good teeth. I'm 33 and i have 4 fillings - weirdly enough the teeth i have fillings in are my very back ones where i had so-called protective coating put on them by the dentist when i was a child!
  16. I have the same problem with my 9 month old. My best tactic so far is when he is sitting in the bath, I give him something to play with, he goes to put it in his mouth and I sneak the brush in quick! As someone else said it is easier from behind him.
    I haven't ever managed a really good brush but someone told me it is important to just smear some toothpaste onto the teeth for the flouride (sp) so I count a 3 second brush as a good effort! It is so hard when that mouth clamps shut though!
  17. No formatting sorry - my computer doesn't let me - no idea why and.. you'll have to make up your own tune!!

    "This is Mr toothbrush, here he comes, he cleans your teeth and cleans you gums.
    Open your mouth ever so wide, open your mouth and he'll come inside
    Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, brush, brush, brush
    Take your time and do not rush
    Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle up and down
    Then you'll have a smile, not a frown."

    Mine loved it!
  18. hummi7883

    hummi7883 New commenter

    How sweet....gosh the tune will be hard work..Thanks!![​IMG]


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