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Broken leg

Discussion in 'Science' started by PtolemyTortoise, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. PtolemyTortoise

    PtolemyTortoise New commenter

    I have just broken my left fibula. Hope to be in weight bearing cast by next week. I am wondering about my ability to teach normally/ run a lab practical etc. Does anyone have any experience of this ?
  2. Have you not been signed off by the doctor? If you haven't then the school will need to do a risk assessment for you and make adjustments or put you on leave.
  3. HI i ruptured my achilles tendon around 3 months ago and was on crutches for 9 weeks before b being put into a protective boot. I was in work the next day, but that was my personal choice because i cannot stand lazing around and would have gone stir crazy sat at home. Got a note from the doctor to say that i was for light duties.

    Only problem to be aware of is swelling. Around the lab was fine with the help of a good TA. At every opportunity grab a seat and put your foot up.

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