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Brit moving from USA to Spain

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by phoenixvita, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I just joined TES. I am a British citizen, based in the USA wishing to move to Spain for next academic year. I have 5 years' experience working with children. Right now I am a Behaviour Therapist in Los Angeles who provides individual service to an autistic child in primary school. The child has to integrate into the regular school environment. As part of the integration process I work as a Teacher's Assistant - teaching core subjects like English and Math. I have also been able to teach Art. Other duties are recess/yard monitor, etc. I ave done this for two years.
    Prior to this I workedfor two years as an Art Instructor for a school's After School Program in Washington, DC. I also taught English and Math there - at primary school level. During the Summer I did Summer Camp, running among things comic book workshop, introduction to Animation and doing Art murals etc.
    I would like to teach Art, comics/Animation theory or English at primary school level; preferably at a bilingual or international school, so here is the thing: despite my experience: - a degree in Animation, available work references and photos of me at work with children, I do not have official teaching credentials.
    Is it still possible to find a good job despite this? I have already received a positive response for an American school (not based in Europe). In Spain I have found at least one school I am interested in. I have a Spanish friend who says that schools in Spain currently need native English speakers -,she thinks it is a good move for me.
    Opinions, anyone?

  2. missmunchie

    missmunchie Occasional commenter

    Only if you are prepared to volunteer! There are quite a few bi-lingual schools on the coast but I think they use mainly Spanish teaching staff with native English speaking helpers.
    Spanish state schools are very hard to get into unless you go through the British Council Scheme, and you will need to be a qualified teacher to do that.
    The job you are doing sounds fantastic and maybe you could get more training etc in the US, I would stay put if I were you. Look at getting qualified as an Art teacher with TEFL.
    I'm struggling to find work in Spain and I've been here for 10 years and am a fully qualified Physics Teacher. I have often thought of making the move into Spanish schools as I speak fluent Spanish. However, due to family commitments this would be tricky as you do not get to choose your placement schools and could end up anywhere.
    Salary in Spain is also very low and it only seems worthwhile if you are getting extras such as free education for your children etc. To be honest I feel a bit trapped here and don't feel I can return to the UK as the job situation there is just as bad.
    Think carefully before you make any decisions!


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