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Bristol UWE secondary PGCE offers?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by foodfan, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Hey all,
    Just wondering has anyone received an offer for secondary teaching at UWE? I had interview in December and I know they said it would be a while before we heard anything.
  2. hey! thinking the same myself, had interview on 15th december but was thinking would know atleast by end of this week but didn't happen.
  3. jesskiboiski

    jesskiboiski New commenter

    ah me too! If your username is anything to go on I think I remember who you were! I think I'm going to give it till the middle of this week and then see if I can get any information- surely they would've decided by now!
  4. jane here- i did the design and tech(food) interview. what subject were you doing? I phoned today but the boy on the phone was so vague and said they would be sorted soon but didn't give anything away!! probably just wait and see but it is always in the back of your mind!! so annoying!
  5. Hey guys I had my interview on the 15th of December for DT Food. There was four people in the interview but only one other was doing food. I got a Conditional offer on the 12th of Jan, so hope you have all had good news as well? if you are still waiting it might be because of allocation places. I think I was in the first group to get a interview for the course so maybe that could be why I have had a offer and other have yet to hear.

    Anyway if you have got a offer congratulations and if you are waiting to hear back, no news is always good news.

  6. Hi Will,
    Jane here, I was the other food person in your group. I also got conditional offer on grounds I get a 2:1 in degree. I accepted the offer, but have also applied to one PGCE in N.Ireland, so will still will go to interview for it if I get one, then decide where I go from there...

    Welldone [​IMG]
  7. Hey Jane I thought it might have been you. Congratulations on the offer. That's a good idea and at least you have an offer already so whatever happens you are on a PGCE. Would you prefer to stay in N. Ireland?

    Again well done on the offer and good luck with your final year at uni. I already have a 2:1 just retaking my maths GCSE so just need a C in that.

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